5 Smart Packing Tips from a Professional Traveller  

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Published on: May 6, 2015

The idea of travelling may be as easy as buying a ticket and hopping on a plane. However, certain things have to be considered as well such as packing up and bringing the right things with you. Stuffing your luggage with just anything you “think” you’ll need could only result to extra heavy baggage and uncomfortable travelling.


So before you get your suitcase, here are 10 smart tips to packing the right way.

1. Pack multi-functional items. One example of a good multipurpose item is a sarong. It can double as a skirt, towel, blanket, scarf, privacy curtain, beach accessory, and more. A cardigan is also a great clothing to layer an outfit. Wear it when it’s cold and just simply take it off and tie it on your waist if it gets hot later in the day.

2. Use bags with dividers and compartments. Things can get easily lost in a humongous bag that has no dividers or compartments. Look for one with elasticized mesh along the sides or separate zippered compartments. Another option is to purchase luggage organizers if your suitcase has no enough compartments to hold smaller items.

3. Opt for a luggage with easy transport option. Your luggage preference should depend on the nature of your trip. Going mountain climbing? Opt for heavy duty backpacks. Staying in a hotel and just go sightseeing? Then, a traditional suitcase can already suffice. For those who are unsure yet of what to do during their trip, consider the versatility of a wheeled backpack.


4. Pack plastic bags and Ziploc bags. Plastic bags are good for packing dirty clothes, containing wet things, and wrapping shoes; while Ziploc bags are good for securely protecting documents, containing liquids, and even double as washing tool if you fill it up with water and soap and soak small clothing like socks and underwear.

5. Bring extra bag for your new items and souvenirs. If you intend to shop a lot on your trip, make sure to bring an extra bag with you to contain all your loots and souvenirs. Bringing only one luggage will only confuse you every time you re-pack, or you’ll have to spend more for a new bag to hold your shopped items.

Smart packing isn’t just about how to organize and compress things to fit them all in a small carry-on bag. It is also about what things you bring with you and how convenient you are with the items you only have while abroad.


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