A Modern Woman’s Guide to Getting Over a Break-Up

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Published on: March 6, 2016


There is no such thing as a small heartache for a woman. Women are born emotional. Coping with a heartbreak from a relationship in which she has invested effort and time is difficult. All the cliches in the world cannot patch that burning hole in her fragile soul. Most ladies can relate to this all too familiar situation. And it does not necessarily have to be an own experience to relate to it. Sometimes these situations transform someone into the comforting girl friend who has no idea what to do with a friend with a troubled heart. A modern woman’s heart, while vulnerable, can still be nursed back to its recovery with these unconventional ways:


  1. Cry-it-out method. Apparently this is not only applicable for newborn babies. Most parents allow their newborns to cry their hearts out because this is believed to strengthen their lungs. A woman from a recent break up must also be allowed to do so even if it means having drinking sessions for consecutive days. She must be allowed to vent out all her frustrations until she is numb of the pain anymore. When she reaches rock bottom, she will realize how ridiculous and how overly dramatic she has been acting for days. This realization is a significant step towards recovery!


  1. Look at the mirror often. So she probably lost the sole reason why she has been spending hours in front of the mirror to check if she’s got the right shade of blush-on for her cheeks. It is quite normal to lose interest on one’s own looks each passing day after a break-up. This is precisely why it is advised to make it a habit to look at the mirror often. Every woman has that inner vanity within them. When she sees her zombie-like appearance from all the sleepless nights, she herself will make a conscious effort to appear better. One must not underestimate the power of make-up. A dab of lipstick and eye-liner have the magic to make a woman feel beautiful again – inside and out.


  1. Make others smile. If a woman is suffering from a breakup, she must not expect the whole world to sympathize with her. A few close friends will probably do – but her boss and most of her officemates will do not. While her world has temporarily stopped turning, the rest of the world has gone on with their everyday lives. These are actually positive distractions. Even if she cannot make herself smile, she will be able to make others smile if she wants to. A compliment on an officemate’s new haircut or a colleague’s promotion will definitely bring a smile to their faces. When someone makes others feel good, chances are, she will feel good herself.


  1. Focus on both the positive and negative. They say that a woman must focus on the positive lessons learned from a failed relationship. While this is a good advice, one must also realize that focusing on the negative will also give her the clarity that she needs. Being in love gives a woman love goggles where she can see only the good qualities of her partner. Now that the relationship has ended, she can consider taking time in focusing on his negative attributes. She might actually end up realizing that the breakup did more good than harm in totality!


With all these in mind, a modern woman who just experienced a break-up will be able to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart and start anew again!


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