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Published on: January 11, 2016

7 Wedding Gown Alternatives for Fashionista Brides

The tradition of wearing a white wedding gown started during the 18th century when Queen Victoria decided to wear one on her wedding with Prince Albert. Since then, most women see full-length wedding gowns with long trains as a bride’s must-wear garment on their wedding day.


However, with the evolution of wedding fashion, full-length gowns are no longer the only wedding garment option for brides. Bridal pantsuits and coloured wedding gowns have started to emerge from the runway, and an increasing number of Singapore brides have been considering these wedding outfits instead of the traditional ball gowns.
If you’re a modern bride looking for a contemporary wedding wear, then here is a list of bridal gown styles that might fit your bold move.

1. Ballerina Wedding Dress

Not a fan of a floor-length ball gown but still want the princess-ey feel of its fullness? You might like the cheekiness of a ballerina wedding dress. This fun and flirty wedding dress style is akin to a ballerina’s tutu skirt. Match this dress with a pair of ankle strapped heels for a cute and sassy look.

2. Coloured or Floral-Printed Bridal Gowns

Blush, powder blue, and dove grey are the popular pastel colour alternatives at whitelink bridal and photo studio in Singapore for white wedding gowns. These colours are the most common choices for modern brides who aren’t too keen to wear a traditional white gown. Others even go as far as donning a black wedding dress for an ultimately unique and one-of-a-kind bridal gown. However, if thinking of wearing a black wedding dress, make sure to ask your family and future-in-laws if they are okay with it as the Chinese see black hues in weddings a bad omen.

Other than sporting a pastel-coloured wedding dress, a more subtle alternative would be accessorizing or infusing coloured prints on your bridal gown. You can go for floral prints or coloured hems to add a splash of colour to your bridal wardrobe.

3. Knee-Length Dresses

Consider going for a cute knee-length dress for your intimate wedding instead of a full-length ball gown. Knee-length dresses are not only venue and weather appropriate, but it also allows brides to move freely and comfortably without worrying about tripping over or damaging the dress.


4. Pantsuits

Years and years ago, it was only the groom who wear pants on the wedding day. But today, brides with an extreme fashion sense can wear one too. A jumpsuit or pantsuit wedding wardrobe is ideal for brides who are not fond of wearing skirts or who wants an illusion of extra length. Pair it with killer stilettos, and your no-ordinary-bride look will be the talk of the town for months.

5. Shorts

Another option for brides with modelesque pair of legs is a romper or top-and-shorts dress ensemble. This outfit is perfect for more casual weddings, such as those set in a beachside venue. The shortness of the wardrobe and the lightness of the material used in most romper dresses let you move freely and stay cool in humid weather. To add an air of youthful femininity and romance, opt for lace-patterned rompers.

6. Tea-Length Wedding Gowns

For Singapore brides who want to pull-off a vintage look, a tea-length bridal gown always lend a retro look and feel to anyone wearing it. This feminine dress style will not just bring out your inner Audrey Hepburn, but also offer an excellent compromise between a floor-length and knee-length wedding gowns. It also has the convenience of being a short dress but one that retains the elegance of a full gown.

7. Two-Piece Bridal Gowns

Whether you just love pairing a top with various skirts like the Logan and Devin skirt of Della Giovanna, or just fancy the combination of a belly-baring crop top and a full-length skirt – it’s undeniable that two-piece wedding gowns will provide you with countless wedding wardrobe choices to choose from. With a two-piece bridal outfit, it is also easier to change from your solemnization wardrobe to your party dress.

When you search for your wedding dress, do not limit your options to full-length wedding gowns. With today’s fashion trends, more talented designers, and more colourful wedding industry, the sky is your limit when it comes to picking your wedding dress.


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