Important Things to Know About the Merlion

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Published on: February 23, 2018

The Merlion is a symbol of Singapore that is made most popular to not only the locals of Singapore but also the tourists around it. The Merlion is a majestic symbol of a head and torso of a lion without the arms and the tail of a fish. This symbol has been the representation of Singapore for quite a while now.

The Origin of the Merlion
The question we all ask is, “How did the Merlion even come about?” Well, to answer that question, we should look back at Singapore way before she has become one of the rising first world countries of today. Singapore back then used to be nothing. In fact, most of Singapore was built instead of actually being there in the first place. Singapore even had to buy soil just to make land.

Hard to believe looking around and seeing how sophisticated and huge Singapore is today. Back in the day, Singapore started as a port. A port where ships from all around would conduct trade. And if trade was conducted in a certain country, that country automatically benefits. Here’s the crazy part, Singapore used to be on top of water!

Singapore is an Island
That’s right: Singapore wasn’t just a trading place, it was actually a place where most of their establishments were above direct water. Since you are surrounded with water, what does that say of your livelihood? Well, you are correct. Fish! The early Singaporeans didn’t have farms at all, they just had boats. They would live off of what they would find in the water.

This also helped Singapore to expand in influence and as Singapore become richer and richer, Singapore started to become powerful at the same time. Now this is why the Merlion is the Perfect symbol for Singapore. Because it incorporates a huge piece of history which has made Singapore what it is, and has also represented the strength and power of Singapore.

History and the Future
The bottom half of the Merlion gives reverence to Singapore’s history while the upper half gives revelation of Singapore’s power and strength to charge into the future. You may find the Merlion symbol all around as it is not used to attract tourists, but it is also well celebrated among locals.

Singapore has had no plans to change the Merlion as it has been agreed to be a perfect representation of the country in itself. Singaporeans display the Merlion with pride as its statue stands tall and proud on the Marina Bay Sands. The Merlion is a reminder of not just Singapore’s ability to survive, but also Singapore’s power. She may be a small country, but a force to be reckoned nonetheless.

Welcoming Two Childcare Centres  

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Published on: September 15, 2015


We are proud to say that Singapore is a child-friendly nation. Everything we do here in Singapore is for our children and their children. We value children that is for sure which is why we will welcome two new childcare centres next year.


What are these two childcare centres? Well, here are some details about the two childcare centres already under construction:

  • Sengkang Centre: The Sengkang Centre will be operated by NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool.
  • E-Bridge Pre-School: The E-Bridge Pre-School will be in Punggol.

The operators of the two new childcare centres are chosen by the Early Childhood Development Agency. The Agency helped the operators to get grants in securing the site to establish the centres but with few conditions. One of the conditions is to keep the fees below $720 per month.


The new centres will accommodate 500 – a big increase from the typical 100 capacity. In fact, the two new childcare centres will be deemed as a mega centre. The centres have their regular curriculum but they will also focus on teaching children science, technology, mathematics and engineering early.

The good news is that the Sengkang site will also host an intervention centre. This Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children will cater to three hundred children with special needs. – a first of its kind.

The registration for the new childcare centres will start on January next year. It does not end there because there will be three more childcare centres will be built with a capacity of three hundred in Yishun, Woodlands and Jurong West at the end of next year.


The Singapore International Water Week  

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Published on: May 16, 2015

Singapore gives recognition to any organization or individual that has done outstanding work in resolving water challenges and shortages around the world. The accolade is called Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize. The nomination for the 2016 Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize is now open so if we know an organization or someone that has done outstanding work in resolving water challenges and shortages, it is time that we nominate them.


The Singapore International Water Week was inaugurated in 2008. The Water Week focused on organizations and individuals that contributed to solving global water crisis. The first winner was a Canadian researcher that goes by the name of Andrew Benedek.

Here are some details of the International Water Week:

  • Prize: The prize is S$300,000. The winner will get a gold medallion plus the certificate apart from the money. The awarding ceremony will be on the International Water Week which is held every two years.


  • When and where: The International Water Week will be held at Marina Bay Sands’ Expo and Convention Centre on July 10 to 14, 2016. The event invites government officials, academe, businessmen and all stakeholders.
  • Nominations: For nominations, we should go here. The last nominations will be on June 1, 2015. Self-nomination or nominating other family members are not allowed.

The International Water Week is an important move in globalization. People should know its importance because no matter the efforts of a single individual or organization if others are not aware of it, it will be to no avail. We have to be keen on spreading awareness so everyone can take part.


What to Avoid in Singapore

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Published on: October 16, 2014

Singapore is one of the busiest countries in Asia. As a matter of fact, Singapore is an economically stable state and has knowledgeable and intellectual people. However, the only thing that you wouldn’t like in Singapore is the hot and humid climate but if you look at it the other way, it may be good for you. For some foreign visitors in Singapore like Americans, they love the hot temperature which stays at 70 degree Fahrenheit or above.

Sturdy Sun

As said, Singapore has humid and hot climate which stays at more than 70 degree Fahrenheit. The reason for the extreme heat the country feels is that it is situated in close proximity to the equator. It is like you are standing near a microwave in sunny day. Avoid this extreme heat or if not, wear something that will protect your skin or apply a sun block with high level of SPF.

Rainy Days

While you think that Singapore is a hot place, it’s not. When monsoon comes, it is likely to rain almost every day. And it is not just an ordinary rain that you imagine; it is a heavy rainfall or sometimes heavy rain showers. During this season, wear flip flops to avoid getting athlete’s foot as Singapore has a humid climate.



Singapore, like many countries in the world still suffers to this global problem – dengue fever. Illnesses caused by mosquitoes such as Malaria has been eradicated by Singapore because of its strict policies and very cooperative citizens. In Singapore, different warning signs are scattered throughout the city which indicates that people must gather stagnant water that can be a breeding site for mosquitoes.

Natural Tips To Avoid Mosquito Bites

Singapore: Home of the Most Efficient Hospitals

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Published on: August 20, 2014

Singapore is a financially stable town that houses different establishments like hospitals, restaurants, bars, clubs, resorts and other buildings that are famous. Aside from the popularity of these establishments, the one the shines among the rest of the buildings are the hospitals in Singapore.


Do you know Raffles Hospital? If not, it is the most popular hospital in the globe. Why?  Because it has just successfully separated Siamese twins without difficulties found in twins after the surgery. However, this is not what only makes the country popular for their hospitals. Singapore is also famous for having the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment along with good health care services that anyone will truly praise.

Also, Singapore ranks number 6 in the world for the most efficient hospitals they have. Aside the from their well-known and world class hospitals, Singapore meets the highest expectation of every patient once they arrive in the different hospitals of Singapore.

Changi General Hospital – If you think that you are unlucky because all hospitals are crowded. Well, here, the space is very huge as it can house nearly 800 patients in one single time.


National Cancer Center – As the name states, it has something to do with cancer and it caters mostly cancer patients. It has different facilities for cancer treatment and strengthens their research to help patients be mindful about what cancer is.

Singapore National Eye Center – This Health Care Center was founded in 1990 and nearly 50 units of eye consultation and 9 operation devices. Also, they boast here their development and research facilities.

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