Things to Remember When Hunting for Jobs

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Published on: December 12, 2014

Not long ago, you were overwhelmed by your final semester grades. Now, you are facing another challenge in life – job hunting. Hunting for jobs here in Singapore is not easy but it is not that hard either if you are serious about it.


Yes, there are many competitions here in Singapore especially if you are a fresh graduate but you can overcome it by remembering the following things:

  • Do not reveal that you are desperate for a job: When you are asked by an interviewer what jobs you are interested in, you have to be honest and choose wisely. If you are given an option, choose something that fits your field. Do not just say “any of the two” because it will appear that you are desperate. Even if you are desperate, do not reveal it to the interviewer.


  • Answer truthfully when asked about the expected salary: Fresh graduates are usually unhappy because they are paid lower. You can avoid this by answering truthfully when asked about the expected salary. The company will see if you did your research when asked about the expected salary.
  • Change your mentality: If you come across a job that you desire, do not determine the length of getting the position you dream about. You have to think of the experiences you will get out of it. In other words, work as if you are not getting a promotion. There are people who resign immediately after knowing that it will take 6 or more years to get their dream position.

Paper qualifications will grant you an interview but it takes a proper attitude and answer to land a job. Good luck and break a leg!



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