6 Essential Pieces for Your Professional Wardrobe

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Published on: May 30, 2016

Once you’ve entered the professional world, your work wardrobe starts to take over your whole wardrobe. Stocking up on the classic professional pieces become crucial to make getting dressed every morning easier. To help you, we’ve listed down six work wardrobe classics that will help save you time, stress and money in the professional world.

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  1. Cashmere Cardigan

Regardless of where you live and what the season is, there’s one thing you can guarantee your workplace will be: cold. So make sure to keep a cashmere cardigan on hand to layer over your dress when the air conditioning is blasting in the summer heat. You can even turn this piece into a makeshift blanket when your skirt leaves your legs chilly.

  1. Structured Tote Bag

Unlike other styles of bags, a structured tote exudes the perfect combination of practicality and professional polish. With its size, you can pack your gym clothes, lunch, papers, and everything you need to survive the busy day ahead. One of the best choices is Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn’s tote bags, as it’ll stash everything you need for your 9am to 5pm shift.

  1. Perfect Pants

We all have those days where we pick a dress and heels to wear the night before, only to wake up finding that a pair of comfortable flats and pants are much more appealing. When this happens, ditch your dress and slip on the pants that makes you feel amazing. Although finding the pair of pants takes time, it’s truly an investment worth making.


  1. Statement Blazer

Although plain blazers are the safest bet, try donning a statement blazer that’ll cause your colleagues to do a double take. Opt for a fun colour like coral so you’ll pop against the basic leather and navy details of your workmates. A bit hesitant on investing in a piece with more flare? Try Forever 21’s red blazers – at S$26, it is clothing risk worth taking.

  1. Daily Accessories

For the mornings when you’re running short on time to glam up your look, stash some go-to accessories that’ll look amazing on every outfit. Keep a small container filled with your favourite silver and gold jewellery to add a little sparkle on your work ensemble.

  1. A Killer Outfit

Purchase an outfit that’ll make you feel super confident – an attire that you can wear on your first day at work, to a networking event, or when you’re doing a big presentation. Play around with a bold silhouette that makes you stand out. Some of the good choices are a crisp button-down to make you feel perfectly put-together, or a pair of heels to make you feel a bit stronger and taller.

Creating a work wardrobe is essential to boost your confidence in the professional world. So make sure that you have these key pieces in your closet as you transition your college outfits into a more professional one.


Decoding Dress Codes  

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Published on: October 24, 2015


Singaporeans love parties especially after work hours. After the day’s toil, we deserve to have some fun and meet other people beyond our work circle. So, if we are given an invitation for a party, we should not think twice and grab the opportunity. After all, it is not every day that we are invited to parties.


Sometimes, we decline the invitation without carefully thinking about it because we are conscious of the way we dress or we do not know what to wear. It is good if the invitation says what to wear. In case the invitation states the theme or the dress code, it is time to think about it.

Here are some common party dress codes and how to achieve it:

  • Cocktail chic: If we are invited to cocktail events, wearing shirts and sweatpants will not do. We have to consider short or long party dresses. We have to look chic and not old. For example, we have to consider sequined body con dresses and make sure that we do not look like a disaster when wearing it. The best way is to add flair to our look by injecting our personal style through accessories, hair and makeup.


  • Smart casual: When we hear the word “casual”, suit-and-tie comes to our mind. This should not mislead us. Smart casual is a step down from formal – it is polished but not too formal. For example, we can consider a nice fitting dress that falls little above or below our knees. For those who prefer jeans, it is still acceptable – we just need to work on our top and the statement heels.
  • Casual: Of all the dress codes, this is somehow the simplest to achieve. In this attire, we can do without structured ensemble. Casual dressing is appealing because it allows us to wear comfortable dresses. Spontaneity is the key to achieve our casual look.
  • Semi-formal: For semi-formal events, we should avoid wearing dainty dresses. Times change and it is now acceptable to wear a dress suit or pantsuit. To achieve this look, we can choose silk, cashmere, velvet and poly-cotton brocades.

At the end of the day, if we do not want to worry about the dress code, we can just whip a new look out of our day look. We can simply change our hairstyles and make up then perhaps bring heels with us. Voila, we are transformed! The party is after all not about dress codes but about the celebration and the companionship.

If it is hard to look for the right dress code, we have to make our outfit do.


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