What to Expect From a Singapore IT Service Provider

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Published on: February 15, 2016

Whether your business is big or small, you can use managed service provider as a quick solution to an immediate tech need. However, with so many options available when hiring one, it’s clear that some companies are better at providing IT services than others, and this may be down to how a contractor values your business’ custom.
What can you expect from a Singapore IT service provider? This list is a good start if you’re opting to hire one for your business.


1. A Non-Sales-Inviting Contract
Some IT service companies view initial contracts as an opportunity to generate revenue. A contract from a reputable provider should state everything your Singapore business needs to fully function. Your contractor should be able to predict any additional needs and be able to explain each of them to you before a contract signing happens. This is the reason why the cheapest ones isn’t necessarily the cheapest package over the course of the contract.

2. Back-Up and Security
Operations and customers data is critical to any business; thus, securing confidential information is of utmost importance for any company. A reliable service provider should be able to offer system back-up consistently and automatically. Find these professional IT solutions for companies in Singapore before signing any agreement to ensure you’re not only provided with tech management features, but with security functions as well.

3. Timely Audit Schedules

An excellent IT contractor should have their systems regularly checked and can show you records of past audits to prove that they’re working only with the best and latest technologies. Look for updated certifications from relevant IT organizations or conduct your own auditing with the help of your chosen auditor.


4. Fitting Solutions
Regardless what your issue is—workflow solutions, document management, remote monitoring, business process applications, mobility, or security—the solutions must be tailored to your needs and goals, not to your Singapore service provider’s. A reliable contractor should be brand neutral, aiming to serve your business well—not to sell their goods and services.

5. Legions of Effective Suggestions
To make your business operations more efficient, solicit advices from the professionals. Your contractor should be able to provide guidance from the financial point of view, ensuring that your money is spent on IT services wisely and most effectively. By hiring a managed service provider, you’re getting access to years of tech experience across multiple industries, which will surely give you a lot of great ideas and professional advices.

6. Approachability
A 24/7 customer service is well and good, but it is how the staff treats you should what matters most. You need a service provider that has approachable staff and won’t talk jargon when you need a straightforward solution to an emergency problem. Hire a contractor where you feel comfortable with their staff. This is going to be a partnership; therefore it really does make sense to work with one you know you’ll get along with very well.

7. Optimum Support
This should go without saying that a Singapore IT services provider offers high-level support. An excellent provider should dedicate time to understand the ins and outs of your tech system in order to come up with an effective support plan. Since IT system failure can cost your business significant amount of money, make sure to work with a contractor who doesn’t react only when things get awry, but has the capability to plan and think ahead to minimize problems.

A true partner will understand your business’ specific needs and work with you to get the most from the partnership. Every managed service provider will claim that they would want and are capable of being an effective hosting partner, but be sure to dig deeper to guarantee that you’re getting the real thing.

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