Welcoming Two Childcare Centres  

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Published on: September 15, 2015


We are proud to say that Singapore is a child-friendly nation. Everything we do here in Singapore is for our children and their children. We value children that is for sure which is why we will welcome two new childcare centres next year.


What are these two childcare centres? Well, here are some details about the two childcare centres already under construction:

  • Sengkang Centre: The Sengkang Centre will be operated by NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool.
  • E-Bridge Pre-School: The E-Bridge Pre-School will be in Punggol.

The operators of the two new childcare centres are chosen by the Early Childhood Development Agency. The Agency helped the operators to get grants in securing the site to establish the centres but with few conditions. One of the conditions is to keep the fees below $720 per month.


The new centres will accommodate 500 – a big increase from the typical 100 capacity. In fact, the two new childcare centres will be deemed as a mega centre. The centres have their regular curriculum but they will also focus on teaching children science, technology, mathematics and engineering early.

The good news is that the Sengkang site will also host an intervention centre. This Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children will cater to three hundred children with special needs. – a first of its kind.

The registration for the new childcare centres will start on January next year. It does not end there because there will be three more childcare centres will be built with a capacity of three hundred in Yishun, Woodlands and Jurong West at the end of next year.


Different Museums of Singapore

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Published on: October 13, 2014

The most important treasures of a country is hidden or kept safe in a place that is guarded and protected by some concerned or perhaps paid individuals. This is the museum, this is where the old relics are places and old significant stuffs are placed. In Singapore, museums are given importance not just because they mean business but because some important and irreplaceable things are in here.


Because Singapore is one of the tourist destinations of many foreigners – in fact Singapore gathers millions of visitors in a year – Singapore is keen in developing their country as well as their different museums.

Asian Civilizations Museum

This museum moistly presents the Asian culture. It has five well-maintained exhibitions not considering special exhibits. Of the five exhibitions, four of these exhibits show arts and crafts as well as artifacts from Southeast Asia, West and South Asia and China.

National Museum of Singapore

This is the oldest museum in Singapore. This 127 year old museum displays the art-related galleries showing how Singapore lives in the past. Also, Photography Gallery and Wayang Gallery is display in the museum.


Singapore Art Museum

This museum is the planet’s biggest collector of current Southeast Asian artworks. The artwork collections that this museum has, runs over 7,000 collections of Southeast Asian artworks and 1,000 worldwide issues.

National University of Singapore Museum

Like other museums that have Southeast Asian artworks, the National University of Singapore Museum also has these stuffs. Also, they displayed here Chinese ceramics and other artworks of famous artist like Ng Eng Teng. The good thing about this museum is that is offers free admission anytime of the day. However, during Mondays and holidays, the museum is closed.


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