A Case of Postpartum Depression

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Published on: April 5, 2014

On November 25, 2013, a floating boy was seen at Bedok Jetty. The boy was 18 months old and his mother was charged for murder. This case speaks of filicide. Filicide is an act of a parent murdering his/her own kid/s. Filicide is rare but the fact remains that it happens. Psychologists say that the act of a parent killing his/her offspring is due to the build up emotions.


For the purposes of this discussion, let us delve deeper into what drives mothers to kill. There are many reasons why mothers kill. The drive depends on the situation of mother and the family. Psychologists believe that the coping resources of these mothers are depleted. Furthermore, these mothers lack positive support. Mothers are sometimes afraid to seek help because they know that they will be accused or shunned for being a bad parent.

The first year of the child’s life is the dangerous part. Mothers commit filicide during this stage. One reason is postpartum depression. In the case mentioned above, the mother of the 18 month boy might be suffering from postpartum depression. The stress for raising the child is sharpened during this period but the good news is that it goes down as the child ages.

Many people despise the act filicide but they should also recognize that these mothers suffer. Of course, regardless of what you are going through, killing the child is not the answer. If you have disturbing thoughts lately, you should seek help and gather support. Seeking help and gathering support is crucial because it can save you and your children.


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