Awkward First Date Moments and Tricks to Deal with It

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Published on: September 3, 2015

First dates are daunting enough even without all the silences and awkward moments. If you have a good connection, you’re unlikely to experience these issues. Still, there’s always the worry that any of the following awkward moments might creep in the middle of your date. Well, worry not. Since there are some tricks that you could use to make the following awkward moments, well, less awkward.


  1. Awkward Silence. This is actually completely normal on first dates, but awkward silence is still awkward. You could’ve just met, or this is just your first time being alone together so you fear that you might end up saying something wrong and scare the guy off.


Deal with It: A good and simple way to break the dead air is to avoid over-analysing everything, and just act like how friends would normally do. Chances are he’s also pretty nervous and feels the same way you do that’s why there’s silence coming from his end too.


  1. Over-Sharing. Not saying much can be a problem, but so is saying too much. Before you could even stop yourself, you simply blurt anything that comes to your mind – and sometimes even without thinking first.


Deal with It: It’s totally fine that you end up over-sharing things, just learn to bounce back from it. Use everything that you have to stop yourself from going into all the needless details of your hamsters or your psychotic ex, since these are topics that you should save for your fourth or fifth date.

  1. Set-Up Situation. Your mutual friend thinks that you’d look so good together, so she set you up on a date. You also thought that it would be fun but when you got there, everything is just awkward and you just don’t know what to say.

Deal with It: Don’t think about the whole set-up idea so much. It’s just as simple as that. Just enjoy yourself with his company by talking about your hobbies, mutual interests or the friend who set you up. Surely, there must be a reason why your friend thinks you would make a good match, and you might even end up thanking her for this set-up date.


  1. Asking-About-Past-Relationship Moment. This is probably the most cringe-worthy awkward moment – and of course, you’ll be forced to give a completely 50/50 answer. If you say things ended badly, he might think that there’s something wrong with you. If you say everything’s good, he’ll think that you’re lying and would perform some research behind your back.


Deal with It: We know that this situation is awkward as hell, but just be honest with how your past relationship ended without giving the unnecessary details. Remember, he doesn’t need to know that you and your ex had a fight on the 5th of April at exactly 8:43 PM. More importantly, don’t go bragging about how amazing your ex is, since it’ll make him think that you’re still hung up on him.

Feeling any awkwardness in the first date is just normal. But despite that awkwardness, learn to enjoy yourself and have fun with your date’s company. Trust us, he feels just the same way as you do. So just relax and enjoy your entire date.


Tips for Travelling with Your Partner

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Published on: June 28, 2015

Travelling with our friends is one thing and travelling with our partners is another. The kind of fun and happiness we feel when we are with our partners and friends are quite different. Travelling with our partners can make or break our relationship.


It is therefore important that we can survive it. So, here are some tricks in surviving our trip with our partners:

  1. Delegate tasks fairly. We know each other’s strengths so why not put it in good use? We have to delegate the tasks based on the strengths of each other. For the pre-trip planning, partners should have a hand over things.


  1. Talk about things ahead of time. Most often, the woman plans everything from the place to sites and accommodation but that is not appealing. The man should also think of things that he wants. In short, we have to discuss things and mutually agree on something.

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  1. Don’t skip meals. This is obvious but when we are in a foreign country, we sometimes neglect eating. Eating is important because it can avoid grumpiness which will lead to fights.


  1. Be the time keeper. Time is of great essence when we travel. We might miss the plane or the shuttle if we are not aware of the time. If we know that our partner is the type of person that needs an hour to prepare, we have to be prepared.


  1. Let things go. Fighting is imminent when we are travelling. Before things start, we have to make peace and let small things go. We do not want to spend our holiday outside Singapore quarrelling or annoyed.

These things can help us survive our trip. Whether we are in Singapore or outside, the joy will be the same when we are with our partners.


Dating Strategies that Apply to Job Hunting

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Published on: April 20, 2015

Dating is a point in the relationship when we experience a lot of things that involve a lot of feelings. There are people who passed this stage but there are others who are still savouring it slowly. We cannot deny that “dating” is fun and pleasurable. These good feelings should also apply to job hunting.


It is difficult to look for a job here in Singapore especially with the competition and the strict qualifications. However, if we apply some dating facts to job hunting, we might increase our chances of landing our ideal job. Some will not see the point or relevance but we need to be enlightened. So, here are some dating facts that apply to job hunting:

  • It is about the match: Men and women have their list of qualities imbedded in their mind when dating. If their partner have the same qualities, they are a force to reckon with. This is the same with job hunting. When we look for a job, we have these qualities in mind. It is important that we consider these qualities so there is definitely a “match”. We have to remember that we are in our work longer than we are in the house so we should be comfortable staying there.


  • Look your best: When we walk through that door, the hiring manager should recognize us. Just like in dating, we need to look our best so the other party will never forget us. We may have the talent, skill and attitude for that specific job but the appearance really matters in this world. So, when we go for an interview, we have to wear professional attire, pull back our shoulders, lift the chin and smile confidently. Hiring managers will know if we are a perfect fit by simply seeing how we carry ourselves.


  • Get commended: It was mentioned earlier that competition is fierce here in Singapore. We have to be commended so we will be recognized. For sure we hear about our friend raving about an “outstanding” guy. We want to be commended like that so employers will distinguish us from others. The first step is make sure that we have connections to the right kind of people.

With this, we can enjoy job hunting as much as we have enjoyed dating. From here on, we should see job hunting as a positive, fun and pleasurable experience not the other way around. People tend to feel negative things (like anxiety, fear, disappointment and the like) when they look for a job. This will surely change our views.



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