Environment Awareness Scheme for the Elderly

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Published on: April 2, 2014

Now the elders will have awareness when it comes to environment. They may look frail but they can surely contribute and take part in the community’s efforts to save Mother Earth. There is a new environment awareness scheme developed especially for the elderly who are residing in Central Singapore. The scheme is called SCORE (Senior Citizens OutReach and Engagement). This is made possible because of the partnership of the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Central Singapore Community Development Council (CDC).


The elders will be educated in the following years:

  • Food Hygiene

Food is ingested. It should be handled with proper care so food poisoning will not happen. Elders need to know how to deal with their food so they will not encounter problems. They should be educated from choosing a reputable supplier to the preparation of their food. The first thing to remember is to wash the hands.

  • Anti-Littering

Anti littering is part of the Keep Singapore Clean campaign. It is the very first campaign as an independent nation. This campaign simply seeks to instil the significance of keeping the public places clean and sanitized. A clean environment will not only improve the public’s quality of life but it is also a way to entice tourists and foreign investors.

  • Dengue Prevention

Dengue is a problem not only here in Singapore. It is important that all people, including elders, contribute to curbing the population of Aedes mosquito. Not all people know how to curb the population of this mosquito. The first thing to do is remove the stagnant water in the house and surrounding areas.

To give the elders knowledge and more information, there will be activities and house visits.


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