4 Important Qualities of a Property Manager

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Published on: March 1, 2017

The industry of property management is about managing a client’s assets when the owner doesn’t want or can’t afford to personally do the tasks of managing his properties. The property manager is the person responsible for handling a client’s property (or properties), and can work either under a property management company or directly under an owner of properties. In hiring a property manager, it is important to look for someone that possesses good qualifications for smooth handling of assets. Here are the important qualities that you have to look for in the search for a good property manager.

1. Should be knowledgeable of the current state laws and ordinances

Managers from property management in Singapore have to operate according to the laws and ordinances of the country. The government of Singapore will be the one to dictate how real estate will be handled, from securing a license to the use of such businesses. Furthermore, the manager needs to know the many legal requirements of handling properties, such as proper removal of trash to where and how security deposits should be kept. If one of the legal laws is forgotten or mistakes have been made, it could cause property closure, damage the property management’s reputation, or even suspension of the real estate’s license.

2. Should be trustworthy and highly ethical

When you seek a property management company in Singapore, ensure that he works under an honor code since they’re handling other people’s money and properties. By collecting security deposits, rental payments, and making other transactions that involves client’s money and assets, the manager carries the name of the property management company and the property owner in negotiating with prospective clients. The property manager must and is required to work with integrity. The good judgment and wisdom of a property manager should be included in the equation as well.

3. Must have excellent communication skills

When looking for a property manager, do not forget to notice his communication skills. Since part of the manager’s task is to negotiate with people, you need one that can convey thoughts, rules, and instructions effectively and clearly. Also, aside from the oral communication skills, you need one that can do records and written communication. They should be able to keep financial records organize and all rent transactions well-detailed. Lease renewals and expirations, rent invoices and rent increase letters must be received and sent on time. A skillful manager can multi-task – keeps all files updated and organized, and accommodates tenant’s concerns, such as property repairs and problems.

4. Must be comfortable working with all kinds of people

Since tenants pay regularly for their places, they also expect, in return, that the place would be free of hassle. If the property has several problems, like overflowing toilet, faulty smoke detectors, faucets with no water, tenants will surely call the property manager to have these problems fixed. Therefore, it’s very important that the manager is comfortable dealing with all types of people. They should have the ability to serve the occupants with dignity. If you get easily annoyed when being interrupted by people with problems that need to be solved, this work may not be the right one for you.

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