Qualities of a Good PaBX Provider

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Published on: September 8, 2016

Before you go and switch from a traditional PaBX to a hosted one, understand that there are a lot of things that you should thoroughly research on. One of which is the service provider you will be hiring to work on your telephone system. With cloud tech on the rise these days, navigating through the crowd of PBX service providers can feel like an overwhelming task to do, especially for first timers. Worry not though, since we have listed down some of the important qualities that a good telephone system service provider should have.


1. Knowledgeable

As a first timer, you should consider hiring a provider who is confident and knowledgeable about the products they are selling. Instead of asking you to do your own research on the available PaBX in Singapore, he should be able to suggest and provide a phoning system that best suits your business. Other than that, you should also ensure that the person you’re contacting is not the middle man, but is the actual provider of the telephone system.

2. Experienced

Apart from being knowledgeable, you would also want to hire a provider with years of experience in the field of telephone systems. Research on the company’s background, and read some reviews about the kind of service they are offering to their clients. If you read a plethora of negative reviews about them, then consider looking for another PBX provider. You would want to ensure that you will be hiring an experienced and reliable person, especially when you’re paying for their services.

3. High Quality Equipment

Since a PaBX system is greatly technical, you would want to ensure that your prospective system provider uses top notch equipment and technology to provide the essential services to their clients. If possible, visit the company of your provider to check if their wireless capabilities are efficient, and to see if all the computer systems they are using are up to date. After all, companies that still run on 20-year old machine won’t likely be able to provide a quality telephone system service for your business.

4. Top Notch Service

Before signing any deal with your prospective provider, consider asking some questions about their product and the services they provide. Conduct some research, and ensure that your PBX provider guarantees that they will provide the highest quality of service for your phone system, and will stick to that commitment after the contract has been signed.

A quality of service even with PBX solutions with Crystal Voice in Singapore can be influenced by factors like the condition of your internet connection, or the facilities of your business. So make sure to discuss these concerns during your preliminary conversation with your provider.

5. Reliable Tech Support

Another important quality to look out for in a telephone system provider is the reliable tech support they are offering. A good provider does not ask for a bulk of investment in their telephone system installation, and does not place any hidden charges in providing training sessions for your employees. The staff training, system installation, maintenance, and repair should also be easy to do for the provider, given the years he has been in the field.


Additionally, you should also ensure that their company is situated near your business area in Singapore so it will be easier for them to provide any form of IT support that the telephone system of your business needs.

6. Real Professionalism

Anyone can offer you a PaBX in Singapore, but only hiring a professional telephone system provider will make your telecommunication investment for your business worthwhile. A professional provider won’t simply give you the phone system, but ensures that the system is installed properly and is working effectively.

7. Ability to Adapt to Changes

Cheap service fees accompanied with fast delivery are quite difficult to resist. But as budding business in Singapore, do consider the longevity of the relationship between your prospective service provider and your business. Your business might be small right now and still not in need of many phone lines, but you certainly want to have the ability to grow. So make sure to choose a provider who is capable of providing you a system that allows maximum flexibility and growth for your business, both now and in the future.

8. Flexible and Simple

Overall, you would want a provider who can work and understand your business’ needs. If the provider’s terms are not clearly outlined and is somewhat confusing, then stop wasting your time as working with them might end up being stressful for you. Instead, look for a PaBX provider that offers clear and open terms, and is capable of working around the phone system needs of your business.

9. Robust Security Level

Hacking of a business’ online systems isn’t an abnormal phenomenon in Singapore and any place in the world. In fact, it’s been happening more and more these days. Thus, it is strongly recommend that you thoroughly look into the security level that your prospective provider offers for your telephone system. Doing so gives both you and your client an assurance of a safe and secure communication experience.

10. Variety of Hardware Ownership Options

Apart from providing a great security level for your phone system, your prospective provider should also be able to provide a variety of hardware ownership options for you. Once the options are provided, start evaluation all the pros and cons of each ownership option to choose one that suits your business the most. During the assessment, ask your provider as to whether the hardware will be kept in your office, or in their place. Also, consider inquiring if an on-site technical support is necessary for phone system.

Choosing a telephone system provider can be really tricky, but by knowing what qualities to for in your prospective supplier will definitely help you find the right phone service guy for your business.


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