The Coming of the Fastest Train

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Published on: December 10, 2014

When you are here in Singapore, you either ride MRT, LRT or the Sentosa Express monorail to reach places faster. Sometimes, you have no choice but to ride a bus or taxi. This is not the case in Japan. For your information, Japan is now testing its fastest train.


The Central Japan Railway Company is in charge of creating the fastest train that can reach up to 500 km/hr. Test runs are taking place now aboard the maglev train. The maglev train prides its technology that can uses magnet to levitate. This development will surpass Japan’s popular bullet trains that can run at least 320 km/hr.

The first test runs included one hundred passengers who were selected through the lottery. They experienced the ride from Uenohara and Fuekuki in Yamanashi Prefecture. This is about forty three kilometres. It did not end there because there will be series of test that will happen for eight days.


There will be 2,400 more participants (from 300,000 who applied for test runs) who will experience the shuttle for eight days. The project only seeks to cut the travel time by half from Tokyo to Nagoya and vice versa. Normally, it will take passengers 90 minutes to travel from Tokyo to Nagoya and vice versa but with this new bullet train, they can reach their destination within 40 minutes. This project will be completed in 2027. Though it is in the distant future, people should count on this.

Who knows Singapore can make something like this? Maybe one of these days, Singapore can exceed Japan’s 500 km/hr or Shanghai Maglev’s 451 km/hr. We will see.



Concerns About Facial Recognition Technology

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Published on: October 3, 2014

Crimes are everywhere. Whether you are in Singapore or outside, crimes can happen. With that, the Singapore government is relying on its surveillance to keep its people safe at all times. Modernism paved way to innovative surveillance technologies. Like in the United States, National Security Agency developed Facial Recognition Technology.


The developers of the Facial Recognition Technology seek to promote ease when it comes to identifying criminals and prevent identity fraud. The technology saved lives and solved many crimes but there are increasing concerns about this technology. Here are some concerns or sentiments voiced by people:

  • Facial Recognition Technology can compromise privacy: The first concern is really the compromising of privacy. There are people who are worried that the government might exploit the technology to identify ordinary citizens as they live. The technology will enable face matching which will eventually lead to mass surveillance. This is basically depriving every one of their privacy.
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  • There are no clear policies about the facial data: Up to this date, there are no clear guidelines or policies in this industry. In America, there are no law which governs the technology but the Commerce Department is currently working with the representatives and advocate to draft and eventually impellent code of conduct.


  • Identifying individuals without explicit consent: When you signed for Facebook and Google Plus, you did not realize that you are actually allowing them to use your photos for easy identification. You notice that Facebook and Google Plus automatically suggest names for tagging friends. This is an example of using Facial Recognition Technology. People are concerned that without their consent, companies can give information and pictures to third party.

Despite the concerns, one cannot underestimate what this technology can do. Its use in the advancement of military or security system is important. It does not end there. Face-matching can help other non-security agencies with their system. For example, it can be used by motor-vehicle departments to avoid fraud and license duplication.

People need to feel safe and secure even when they are in the streets. The Facial Recognition Technology can help but there should be clear guidelines and policies so people will not think that they (the government agencies) are overstepping their civil liberties and their human rights in general. To many, the conveniences of this technology outweigh the risks or the concerns. Remember that dense populations attract terrorists and other criminals. Everything should be exhausted to prevent them from harming the population. If you need to know more, you can always read further.


Singapore’s High-Quality Electronic Products

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Published on: August 23, 2014

Today, as the world advances, many people are using electronic gadgets such as tablets, cell phones, smart phones, computer and laptops. Every year, these gadgets are evolving and every year a lot of customers buy these gadgets.


While Singapore is economically abundant – as millions of dollars are pouring every year for only importing and exporting electronic gadgets – many people continue to patronize these gadgets for personal use or for industrial consumption.

Actually, electronics is the mainly the frequent industrialized activities in the country. In fact it supplies 30% of the country’s manufacturing production. And because Singapore provides tax-free shopping for foreign visitors, the government makes every effort to encourage people to shop electronic gadgets.

The top electronic brands in the country are:


  • Sharp – This Company produces top class audio visual equipment such as LCD TV, DVD, LED TV, Data projectors and Home theatres and Home theatres.
  • Apple Singapore – As famous as it is, Apple is a brand of Apple Macbooks, iPods and iPhones.
  • Samsung Asia Pte Ltd. – Are you familiar with Samsung Galaxy? Indeed! This brand makes difference to other top quality brands smart phones as well as tablets. Also, televisions and other home appliances are few of the caliber products of Samsung.
  • Philips Singapore Pte Ltd – Famous for its lighting brand. Phillips now challenges itself to compete with other cell phone brands.  Phillips also produce electrical equipment like ECG and X-ray equipment and CT scan devices.
  • Sony – Known for its photography and audio products, Sony also produces top caliber medical equipment as well as some biotechnical machines.

Because of the popularity of the brands, many people still patronize the name and not the gadget. Although there are times that people tend to choose between the features of the gadget rather than the name.


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