A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Makeup Application

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Published on: May 25, 2016

We all have those mornings where we don’t feel like starting the day – let alone putting some makeup on. Because really, how can you properly apply your eyeliner when you’re only half-awake? If this sounds familiar, here are some makeup tips on how you can maintain a gorgeous look without putting in much effort.


  1. Cover Up Using BB or CC Creams

Applying powder cover-ups can be the longest part of a makeup routine, from the moisturizer to the concealer and foundation. It’s no surprise why most of us want to ditch this routine. To speed up the process of applying your cover-up, use a BB or CC cream instead. It works like a moisturizer and adds a healthy glow to the skin even if you’re just applying a light layer of coverage.

  1. Strategically Apply Your Bronzer

Putting on some bronzer in the key areas of your face makes all the difference. Just swiftly sweep your bronzer brush on your temples, under your cheekbones, and on the sides of your face to strengthen your bone structure without completely contouring anything.


  1. Go for an Easy Smoky Eye

If you’re feeling lazy, a smoky eye is probably the last makeup look you’d want to try. Achieving this look can be too excessive, given the different eyeliner tricks and eyeshadow shades that you can use. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. By applying and smudging an eyeliner pencil on your bottom and top lash line, you can already create a simple daytime smoky eye look.

  1. Apply Some Mascara on Your Bottom Lash Line

We all love how our eyeliner shapes and outlines our eyes, but we aren’t always up to perform a tricky eyeliner technique first thing in the morning. To get the same eye effect with less hassle, simply apply a thin layer of mascara on your bottom lashes. You already brushed out your top lashes, so what’s the hassle of doing a quick swipe to the bottom ones.

  1. Opt for a Bold Lips

If you decided to go bare on your other facial features, consider committing to a bold lip. This will act as a distraction for the lack of makeup on your face. Having a bright-coloured lip instantly makes you look put-together, and ready to rock the day ahead.

By keeping the aforementioned tips in mind, it’s now possible even for lazy girls like us to apply certain makeup products. So go roll out of bed now, and start glamming up yourself!


Coming Clean: How to Remove Makeup Properly  

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Published on: October 20, 2015


There is no denying that makeups make us more attractive and pleasant to the eyes of many Singaporeans. There is not harm on putting makeups – except of course if we have some allergies. In fact, some jobs require minimal makeup since it put colours to the skin. If we put makeups every day, we have to be wary of its effects if it is not removed properly.

Young woman in robe removing eyes make-up

It is enough to wear makeups for the whole day but come evening, before going to sleep, it is imperative that we remove the makeup. Perhaps we heard about a case in Korea where a girl (named Bae Dal-Mi) did not remove her makeup for two years. Instead of removing it, she just kept on retouching it. The girl’s mother was so worried that they visited the dermatologists.

According to the dermatologists, the girl significantly aged twice for not removing the makeup. The morale of the story is to always remove the makeup every day. If we do not remove the base and foundation plus the accumulated dirt, any beauty regimen will not be effective.

We have to remember that removing our makeup is the second most important skin care (the first being putting sunscreens). If we forget to remove it or we deliberately ignore it, it will lead to breakouts. No one wants breakouts! For this, we should always think that prevention is better than cure. Cleaning the face is simpler than getting rid of the zits. So, here are some effective ways to remove makeup properly:

  • Wipe out: The simplest thing to remove the day’s grime is through makeup wipes. There are many beauty stores here in Singapore offering makeup wipes. These makeup wipes are not that expensive plus they are completely safe.
  • facial-cleansing-wipes2_beauty-things
  • Eye and lip remover: The skin around the eye is the most sensitive area that is why it requires a different type of remover. We can ask for the help of beauty experts which brands to consider.
  • Soothing cleansing oil: We can also try a different kind of makeup remover in the form of soothing cleansing oil. These oils are ideal for heavy makeups because they effectively combat almost every ingredient.
  • Olive oil mist: Mists may require more swipes to get the makeup but they have many ingredients that are specifically beneficial to the skin.

These are just some items that we need to consider for makeup removal. If we are not interested about makeup removers, we should not dream of makeups too! Whatever we do, we have to take care of the skin if we want to look our age.


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