Guidelines When Taking the MRT

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Published on: June 26, 2014

There was a power fault causing the disruption of the newly opened Downtown Line 1 on December 27, 2013. The disruption happened at around 9pm but it was restored at 10.10pm. The fault was accidentally triggered by a child who started the detrainment door tool. According to a CCTV footage, there were children playing around the door when the incident happened.


When you hit the detrainment door tool, the emergency brakes will be applied immediately which will lead to a tripping of the power. This is the safety feature of the structure. No one was hurt because of the incident. The operator arranged a free bus ride for the affected commuters.

Lesson learned from this incident: always watch your children when you take the MRT. Apart from this, you have to be watchful of other things. You need to be guided properly when you are taking the MRT. Here are some guidelines you can consider:


  • Entering the station: Upon entering the station, you should watch your step especially if there are escalators and stairs. It is recommended that you hold unto the rails at all times. Do not run to the platform even if you are in a rush. More importantly, note the wet floor signs and avoid it.
  • Riding the escalator: If you are riding the escalator, make sure that you check its direction. You have to be ready when you step in. Watch out when you reach the landing and make sure to step out of it. Always use the rails to be safe. When you have a child, hold his/her hand when you are riding the escalator.
  • Waiting and boarding: When you are in the platform, the best thing that you can do is wait patiently for the train. When the train is there, be sure to stand behind the queue lines to allow other passengers to alight. Do not hasten especially if you see the doors are closing. It is better to wait for the next one. When you are boarding, you have to listen for the closing door ring and announcement to be safe.
  • Riding the train: When you finally boarded the train, you have to go to the centre to ease commuter traffic. If you have a stroller or luggage, be sure to keep it out of the way. Other commuters should board or alight easily without any blockage.
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Commuting MRT should be a fun experience. Do not dread or be afraid of MRT because of the incident. You have to trust in the system and continue having fun. Happy riding!

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