Coping with Alcoholism

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Published on: November 27, 2013

Alcoholism is a problem worldwide. Men and women alike are prone to alcohol addiction. Here in Singapore, there are many people who are seeking help for their alcohol addiction. In fact, SAA (Singapore Alcoholics Anonymous) are holding a number of meetings every day to cater to the needs of alcoholics.

If you are an alcoholic, getting out from that misery is not easy. You have to be strong and positive to get out of that situation. Alcoholism is caused by many interrelated factors like the environment, emotional stability, genetics, etc. Drinking is prevalent in many cultures but the real challenge is figuring out the difference of social drinking and problem drinking.


How will you know if you are an alcoholic? You will know it when you repeatedly and continuously neglect your duty at work, home or school. If you repeatedly and continuously lie to your family and friends to conceal your habits is another sign. If you notice that your drinking destroys your life, relationship and work, you have a drinking problem. It needs to be addressed right away. Coping up with alcoholism is challenging but you can get through it if you are serious. Here are some things that you need to do:

  1. Accept that you are an alcoholic. Some people are in denial. If you are in denial, you cannot get help because you think that you are okay. It is important that you accept your situation first before taking actions.
  2. Listen to friends and relatives. If you are an alcoholic, your friends and family will notice first. To you it is just social drinking but it is more than it. When you decided to change, it is important that you listen to your friends and relatives.
  3. Get help. You need other people who can understand you and not judge you. You can get that from support groups. Here in Singapore, you can go to SAA. They will give you support, understanding and acceptance.
  4. Learn to control yourself. Everything will be in vain if you do not control yourself. You have to take away all bottles inside the house so it won’t remind you. If there are drinking sessions with friends, do your best to avoid it. The success of this endeavour will depend on you.
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