Courting Singaporean Women

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Published on: August 8, 2014

In many Western countries like Canada, United Kingdom and United States of America, courting is directly done and abruptly starts. Singaporean woman differs a lot compared to other women countries because of the attitudes and traits that Singapore women possess. Before a guy can have a successful partner, he must go through many challenges. However, once it is done, a very rewarding feeling is experienced.


The Sweet Creation

Before the boys are going to ask a girl a date, boys typically make friendship to the one he liked most. As a matter of fact, they are not making any effort to immediately court. In fact, they are just taking advantage to the friendship so that girls will love them. In this point, it is only pure friendship and there are no holding hands, hugging and kissing involved here. .


The Careful Date

This is the next stage after the friendship stage. Here, the man start to court the woman and as usual ladies needs to be like a “hard to get” girl so that guys will be challenged more. However, only patient guys can stay to this kind of test.

The reason why girls need to be hard to get is that they have to assess first if the guy fits their qualifications. The challenges a woman does to the guy will determine the sincerity of the man to the woman.

The Public Date

After gaining the sweet ‘yes’ of the girl, both of you are ready to face the public and let friends and family know that you have found your happiness.



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