Dating Strategies that Apply to Job Hunting

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Published on: April 20, 2015

Dating is a point in the relationship when we experience a lot of things that involve a lot of feelings. There are people who passed this stage but there are others who are still savouring it slowly. We cannot deny that “dating” is fun and pleasurable. These good feelings should also apply to job hunting.


It is difficult to look for a job here in Singapore especially with the competition and the strict qualifications. However, if we apply some dating facts to job hunting, we might increase our chances of landing our ideal job. Some will not see the point or relevance but we need to be enlightened. So, here are some dating facts that apply to job hunting:

  • It is about the match: Men and women have their list of qualities imbedded in their mind when dating. If their partner have the same qualities, they are a force to reckon with. This is the same with job hunting. When we look for a job, we have these qualities in mind. It is important that we consider these qualities so there is definitely a “match”. We have to remember that we are in our work longer than we are in the house so we should be comfortable staying there.


  • Look your best: When we walk through that door, the hiring manager should recognize us. Just like in dating, we need to look our best so the other party will never forget us. We may have the talent, skill and attitude for that specific job but the appearance really matters in this world. So, when we go for an interview, we have to wear professional attire, pull back our shoulders, lift the chin and smile confidently. Hiring managers will know if we are a perfect fit by simply seeing how we carry ourselves.


  • Get commended: It was mentioned earlier that competition is fierce here in Singapore. We have to be commended so we will be recognized. For sure we hear about our friend raving about an “outstanding” guy. We want to be commended like that so employers will distinguish us from others. The first step is make sure that we have connections to the right kind of people.

With this, we can enjoy job hunting as much as we have enjoyed dating. From here on, we should see job hunting as a positive, fun and pleasurable experience not the other way around. People tend to feel negative things (like anxiety, fear, disappointment and the like) when they look for a job. This will surely change our views.



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