Does Your Wedding Need a Sound System?

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Published on: February 21, 2017

If you’re reading this, it’s probably that your wedding plans are almost done. The venue, catering, photos and videos may have been all set, and you’re wondering what else you need for your wedding. What probably is not included on your list is the lights and sounds. Well, guess what, you are missing out the part that will make your wedding extra special and that will leave a lasting impression to your guests.

Is sound system for you?

Before going out and start looking for a sound system rental in Singapore, figure out first whether getting one is suitable for your wedding. Here are four important points to help you figure out whether a PA system rental makes sense.

• Outdoor Location
If you’re ceremony or reception—or both—will be held outdoors, you definitely need good AV equipment. This is the best way for your guests to clearly hear you and cancel out sound distractions to keep everyone’s attention on you.

• 100 or More Guests
If your wedding is going to be a big affair, with no less than a hundred guests, then you will need the help of AV equipment rental. You want to keep everyone in the mix by providing audio-visuals that can clearly be seen and heard by everyone.

• Long Aisle
If the church (or any wedding location) has very long aisle, some of your guests will have to seat far at the back—but of course, you still want them to clearly hear what’s happening at the front with an AV equipment rental in Singapore for them. Even if you’re planning to ask the readers and everyone who will speak to maximize their voice, many of your guests will still not be able to hear.

• Mood
When it comes to the wedding reception, a lively and celebratory mood makes the whole experience memorable. After all, this is one of life’s triumphant moments, so why not go all out and up the mood with music. Whether you want to play jazz or pop or any other genre of music, you need excellent sound system to ensure quality of sounds.

What consists a good sound system?

• Wireless Microphones

A good sound system should have enough microphones for the event. The officiant, the bride and the groom and the family and friends who will be giving their speeches are the people who will need them. Your AV equipment rental company should provide at least two clip-on lapels and one handheld microphone, which may come with a stand.

• Speakers and a Mixer

The mixer is the core of the sound system; it is where the sounds and music played over the speakers are created and controlled. Although they come together, they don’t have to be installed next to each other. The speakers can be strategically placed in areas where sound is needed, while the mixer can be in a hidden area where there’s less traffic.

• Sound Technician

Some sound system rental companies in Singapore can lend you a system and let you fend for yourself, while others provide a sound system with professional sound technician. The best way to go, of course, is to find an AV equipment rental with sound technician, especially if your wedding is outdoors. A strong wind can easily make the things noisy, and every person will need the microphone set at different volume levels. Let a pro take care of your sound and music needs, who is not also juggling other responsibilities.

What to Consider For Wedding Reception Sound System?

• Sound System Size

Make sure to have enough power and speaker size for your entire party. When meeting with your rental company, mention the type of venue you will be using and the number of guests you’re expecting to come. These professionals can do the estimate of the size of sound system you will need for your wedding reception.

• Speaker Placement

The arrangement of the speakers depends on the intended use of the system. For a traditional wedding reception with dancing later in the night, the speakers will be placed somewhere near the dance floor for maximum volume for the music. If it’s just background music you need, the speakers will be spread out to ensure even sound coverage throughout your wedding. Most of the time, two speakers will suffice, but you can always ask your PA system rental company if you think you need more.

• Practice Makes Perfect

The wedding rehearsal exists for a reason. We can’t recommend enough to have your AV equipment rehearsed. This allows you—or the person in charge—to get acquainted with the system and also check for any damaged or non-working components. It would be helpful to have your sound system set-up earlier to give you some time for practice.

• Wireless Interference

Wireless microphones are more practical than the wired ones. If you’re experiencing odd noises or unstable performance, the cause is typically interference from other digital devices. Some mobile phones interact with AV equipment, so make sure that the system in-charge does not have his cellphone with him or ask him to turn his phone off.

A sound system may be the lamest part of wedding planning, but trust us, not having one would be the biggest regret of your life. Aside from not being heard clearly by your guests, a poor sound quality will show up on your wedding video, which you’d surely don’t want to happen.

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