Environment-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

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Published on: July 29, 2016


So you have installed eco-friendly light bulbs and energy-efficient heating system. Now, it’s time to add some final touches to your environment conscious home with sustainable decorating techniques.

environmentally friendly

The good news is that making choices for the good of the Earth is much easier than choosing options for your sense of style.

Decorate Naturally

Whether you like potted or hanging plants or sculptural or abstract arrangements of fresh branches, using real plants to decorate your home lets you trade mass-produced statues and coffee table figurines for a livelier and environmentally conscious decor. Plus, live plants improve the quality of air indoors, making your place a healthier abode.

Recycle Materials

A decade ago, recycling plastics and papers was the most you can to save resources. Today, recycling can be done is almost everything, from wine corks to egg trays to Christmas lights.  Look it up in the internet for DIY projects that allow you to utilize and reuse objects you already have at home. If you must buy some additional items for your DIY, head to a local thrift shop for cheap and unique pieces.


Buy Local Products

If you can’t DIY a piece of decor or furniture, check local stores before hitting the bigger chains. Look specifically for home pieces made by local artists or companies—from painting or pottery to cabinetry or tables. Apart from supporting local economy, you’re minimizing carbon footprints since these new pieces won’t have to be shipped from halfway across the world.

Alternative Energy Sources

Traditional power sources, like gas and coal, are still the norm in many houses. However, if you want to take your cooling, heating and electricity system into the future, you would want to start with alternative power sources such as wind power, solar panels and geothermal systems. Geothermal systems and solar panels are additions you can purchase to own, but if you don’t have the time to use such, you can go for the alternative energy source offered by your power supplier.

Going green is all the rage right now. Homeowners strive to reduce their carbon footprints and to have a healthier environment for their family to stay. From energy efficient appliances to environment friendly furniture and decor, people try to incorporate eco-friendly touches to their homes. Doing these home improvements today can have years of rewards for you and your family in the future. Think green the next time you plan for a home renovation, and see how great the benefits can be.


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