Essentials for Lessons for Emerging Adults

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Published on: March 13, 2014

AoM photo1.       The Call for Learning

For adults, they will only make time to learn new things if they need to.  There are cases where in an adult employee is force to take his/her master’s degree because the institution requires all of its employees to have one.  Another one is when you want to be more competitive in your job, so as a newbie you are going to make an effort to attend different trainings and seminars to be at your fullest potential in the job that you are in.

2. The Role of Past Experience

Adults always relate their past experiences to the lessons that are being tackled.  It is easier for them to understand every topic, when they recall their precedent practice. Like in training future leaders, they easily learn new things in managing the people through looking back at the fallbacks and the success of the former management.

3. Significance of Motivation

Adults want to learn when they are motivated. They are usually motivated by different factors like a higher pay or just to improve their self-esteem. It is important for any trainings and seminars a company want to give their employees that it should be a must that they will receive something from it, whether it is monetary or for self-satisfaction.

4.       Direction to Learning

Adults want to learn things that will help them to do something or to solve their own problem. The main thing to consider is if they can apply what they will learn in real life.



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