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Published on: July 21, 2013

Tattoos date back to the earliest civilizations. As methods of tattooing has evolved and become safer, the reasons for having them have also changed and become more varied.

Why People Get Tattoos

There are several reasons why people are fascinated with and wish to have tattoos – even if the thought of having their skin repeatedly drilled by a needle intimidates them. So what exactly drives these people to endure minutes, even hours, of intense pain to permanently colour their skin?

  • Firstly, for fun and expression. Getting tattoos is definitely fun for many young people. If you ask other people why they want to have a tattoo, many might also say that it’s their way of expressing themselves: marking one’s self is a way of modifying one’s identity.


  • Secondly, as part of a ritual or their religion. Some people get tattoos to express their strong devotion to their religious beliefs. Such devout individuals bear the pain of getting body art so they can have a permanent expression of their lasting faith.


  • Thirdly, to show their love. A lot of people express their love through body art. Many choose to have a tattoo that will serve as a constant reminder of their partner in life. Some may decide to get a permanent mark to commemorate a special time in their life. In some cases, couples get a tattoo “rings” in lieu of typical rings.

Tattoo Shops in Singapore

Some of the best tattoo shops in Singapore where people who like to express themselves through body art include Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio in The Riverwalk, Body-Décor Tattoo & Piercing Studio in Clemenceau Ave, Alive Tattoo Studio in Lucky Chinatown, Exotic Tattoos & Piercings in Far East Plaza, and Imagine Tattoo Studio in Pearl’s Hill Terrace. Tattooists here are professional, and getting inked here is totally safe.

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