Features of the Best High Visibility Jacket

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Published on: April 11, 2016

A high visibility jacket is useful for those Singaporeans who work in environments with low visibility conditions such as railroads, highways, and traffic areas. Workers in these fields are advised to wear the proper and recommended high visibility apparel to keep them safe while doing their jobs and minimize work hazards. Even motor and bicycle riders have recognized the need for wearing high visibility jackets when driving at nighttimes or whenever the need arise. Aside from its functional and safety features, these high visibility jackets have alsobecome a cool trend among individuals nowadays.


Here are some of the features you’ll want to look for in order to find the best high visibility jacket for you:

The right fit and snug

A good high visibility jacket is one that has an ergonomic design perfect for giving the right fit and snug for the wearer. Some of these models have ergo-cuff design that makes it comfortably stretchable as well as high quality material that wraps perfectly on the body.

Warm and comfortable in different temperatures

A lot of cyclists and riders will appreciate a high visibility jacket that will keep them warm and comfortable in different temperatures. This means they can wear their jacket in different seasons and still rely on the same functionality.

Highly breathable

Normally, you’ll be wearing the high visibility jacket under different temperatures and for long periods so this jacket needs to have a good reliable ventilation to keep you comfortable over long drives. A highly breathable design will seep away moisture and keep you feeling fresh.


Safety feature

A high visibility jacket is used primarily for its safety features so make sure that your apparel is the right one for your specific use. If you’re looking for one to use at work, then you better check on the recommended CSSA specifications of the right high visibility apparel. You may also need to consider the right color for your high visibility jacket as some colors are designed for daytime while some are used only for nighttime use.

High quality fabric

Some of the most reliable high visibility jackets come with high price tags but these are the most reliable ones as they are made of high quality fabric that offers a lot of functional features such as comfort, breathability, waterproof, and wind resistance. High quality fabrics also mean they don’t wear out easily, ensures utmost protection, and can be used for longer periods of time.


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