Financial Qualities to Look for in a Partner

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Published on: May 29, 2017

Someone once told me that men marry for love, while women marry for security. Although it isn’t the most romantic thing to hear, on some level, it does make sense. Every time we hear a woman who refuses to date a man who doesn’t earn six figures, we instantly dismiss them as opportunistic or shallow – but the truth is, we actually understand. Some women need to have that kind of security, but we believe that there are more important financial qualities to look out for when looking for a potential partner – and some of those qualities are as follows:

1. Someone Who’s Ambitious

While there’s no need for every woman to date a millionaire, it’s never a bad idea to find someone who isn’t a slacker. A drive to earn is an essential quality to have, especially if you’re looking for someone you’d want to spend your life with. He doesn’t need to have lots of money yet, but wouldn’t it better to find someone who’s determined to chase his dreams?

2. Someone Who Has a Clear Financial Goal

Ambition is just the first half of the equation – he needs to have a clear financial goal as well. Does he know what steps to take to get where he wants to be, career-wise? Or is he someone who sorts of just go with the flow and waits for things to turn out well. When it comes to finances, is he productive or passive?

3. Someone Who Desires to Learn New Things

The best way to avoid a stagnant career is to continue studying. For instance, doctors attend medical conferences because there’s always something new in science – and the same thing is true in every industry. So be sure to date someone who strives to earn more degrees, set new goals and develop bigger dreams. After all, a person who strives hard in his career likely works just as hard in his personal life.

4. Someone Who Won’t Be Jealous of Your Success

Aside from having ambition and a financial goal, your potential partner should be someone who’s happy with your own success. Don’t settle for someone who’ll make you prioritize his dreams over yours. Remember, his desires may be important, but so is your own dreams and goals.

Apart from being smart and having a good sense of humour, a good financial quality is also a must-have when looking for a potential partner. So before you start taking things seriously, ensure that the person you’re dating now has the aforementioned qualities. Finding someone who has these qualities will certainly make you feel secure both now and in the future.

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