Gift Ideas for Her this New Year

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Published on: January 31, 2015

Who said that you only give gifts during Christmas? You can give gifts any time of the year. If you want to start the year right, you can give gifts on the incoming Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day. Your girl will surely be happy to receive great gifts so early in the year. The good news is that there are many things that you can consider here in Singapore. You only need to find something that fits the personality of your girl.

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Shopping for gifts for the special girl in your life is often not easy, but whether you decide to splurge or save, you can surely find a gift for her if you look hard enough. To help you, here are some ideas you can consider:

  • Inflight kit: If your girl likes to travel a lot, the inflight kit can make a difference. It includes headrest and covers for the eye, items that would make her travels easier, smoother and more convenient. An inflight kit costs about SGD20.
  • Lipcare box: Caring for the lips has never been this easy with the help of lipcare box. Your girl will surely appreciate this gift. The set is about SGD16.
  • Silicone cover: If you want to give a convenient gift, your girl couldn’t ask for a silicone phone cover. The silicone cover will protect your girl’s phone. It is roughly SGD 28.

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  • Bookshelf: If your girl is a bibliophile, consider giving her a chic bookshelves. Depending on where you shop, a bookshelf costs about SGD20 to SGD60.
  • Bag: Bags are undeniably one women’s favourite items. If you are not sure what to give, a trendy bag is your safest bet. There are many bags that you can consider. There are expensive ones but if you prefer affordable ones, you should allot at least SGD 90.
  • Makeup starter kit: These days, a girl’s look isn’t complete without makeup. Your girl will surely be glad to receive a makeup starter kit, especially if she is still mastering the art of putting makeup. A good makeup starter kit costs anywhere between SGD90 to SGD150.
  • Sneakers: If your girl is passionate about physical exercise, you have to give her sneakers. Choose a colour that your girl likes. It roughly costs SGD 150.
  • Cookware set: You will surely be filled with gladness and food if you give your girl a cookware set. A full set of pans cost about SGD200.

The things mentioned above are enough to sweep her off her feet. If you are having troubles securing one or more of these things, you can ask a female friend to help you find them. There is no reason that you do not give gifts. There are lots of beautiful things here in Singapore and it is only fitting to put it in good use. Good luck and happy shopping!

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