Gift Ideas for Him this New Year

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Published on: January 28, 2015

You can extend the season of gift-giving this New Year by giving your man the best gift to jumpstart his year. Some women are finding it hard to identify and secure gifts for their man but this should not stop them. You have to know that there are a thousand possibilities here in Singapore. There are a lot of gifts that you can consider if you look closely.


Indeed men are hard to shop for but if you give them something, they will still appreciate it because after all, it is the thought that counts. So, here is the list that you can consider:

  • Recipe book: You do not consider recipe books when you are thinking about gifts for your man, right? You have to change what you think now because most men are learning how to cook. In fact there are others that are passionate about cooking. If your man loves to cook, the book will surely help him a great deal. Recipe books roughly cost SGD 15. This is cheap but a useful gift.
  • Tie: Men have their sense of fashion but sometimes, women are the excellent judge. If your man is always wearing ties at work, you have to secure a tie for him. Make sure that the tie is extraordinary so he will wear it proudly at all times. Ties cost about SGD 20.


  • Conversation starters: If your man is having trouble “breaking the ice”, this is a nice piece of gift. This will surely bridge the gap. The conversation starters will surely make a difference at the end of the day. This roughly costs SGD 35.
  • Beer making kit: Beers are part of his life so it is fitting if you give gifts bearing beer. The kit will surely entertain your man. When he makes beer, he will surely think of you. The gift roughly costs SGD 54.
  • Phone cover: Men are sometimes careless. They tend to forget about their phones. You need to buy him a cover to protect his phone. You can buy covers for as low as SGD 54.
  • Personalized cocktail glasses: If your man is an occasional drinker, these personalized cocktail glasses will never go unnoticed. These glasses cost SGD 79.
  • Sneakers: A man needs his sneakers to stay fit and happy. There are a lot of sneakers and for as low as SGD 146, you can buy sneakers.

Hunting for gifts here in Singapore is fun if you just enjoy the moment. Good luck and happy shopping. For sure, any gift from you is valuable in the eyes of your man. It does not need to be expensive.


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