Heart and Soul of the City: Must-Visit Markets Around the World

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Published on: March 1, 2016


Are you looking to find the heart and soul of a particular city? Then your best bet is to head to their nearby market to experience how the locals gather, shop and spend their days. Through this, you’ll get a glimpse into their local art, culture and food. Though it’s quite hard to find a market we’d say no to, here’s a list of the must-visit markets around the world whether you’re looking for snacks, clothing or home goods.


  1. Chatuchak Market – Bangkok, Thailand

If you’ve been to Thailand before, then you can attest that there are lots of incredible markets in the country. But what makes Chatuchak stand out is the fact that it’s the largest market in Thailand. The market houses over 15,000 booths, and you’ll be able to find everything here whether you’re looking for clothing, food or some good home décor. There are booths upon booths of everything imaginable, making it easy to spend half or an entire day in the place.

Although it sounds like a lot to go through, Chatuchak is divided into sections so you can head straight to your areas of interest. The deals here are great, and the vibe is carefree and fun.

  1. The Grand Bazaar – Istanbul, Turkey

Situated in Istanbul’s old city and known as one of the oldest markets in the world, The Grand Bazaar is truly a sight to behold. The Grand Bazaar is mostly covered so it’s easy to access and spend time in regardless of the weather. The market is century’s old and is an incredibly important landmark of Istanbul. Remember, haggling is expected here so don’t be shy about bargaining for a greater deal. Also, make sure that you check out stalls selling rugs and textiles since the place is home to these beautiful pieces.

  1. Borough Market – London, United Kingdom

There’s a great number of markets spanning across London whether you’re looking for housewares, flowers or clothing pieces. Among these markets, Borough Market is the absolute place to visit most especially if you’re a food lover. Here, you’ll find all types of food imaginable – from the classic British fare to something more exotic.


Borough Market is rich in bakeries, cafés, seafood, and everything in between. It’s truly a great place to head to during lunchtime so you can snack your way through different stalls, and stroll around afterwards to work off all the food you ate. The market is open from Wednesday through Saturday so plan your visit accordingly.

  1. Central Market – Castries City, St. Lucia

This open-air market contains a huge amount of quality goods and foods, as long as you search in the right location. Since cruise ships often dock at the nearby port, you’ll have to first dodge vendor’s pawning off various goods before making it to the heart of the market. Once you’re through, head to the northernmost part of Central Market to find and purchase more authentic goods. Here, you’ll find better deals and souvenirs to bring home with you.

If you still have some time, try grabbing a fresh fruit to snack on as you laze around the beach. You’ll be amazed as to how fresh the produce tastes here. If you want, check on some good handcrafted goods to snap up for your family and friends back in Singapore.

  1. Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen – Paris, France

Considered as one of the largest flea markets across the globe, visiting Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen will surely transport you back in time with its stalls, trinkets and narrow streets. The market became more popular in the past years, and while most of the cheapest deals have disappeared, you can still dig dip to find some great bargains.

Apart from the trinkets, paintings and photos, the market is also rich in great bars, cafés and restaurants that you can snack in. There are lots of markets throughout the city, but we love this one’s a little unique and a home to good deals.

The marketplace is indeed one of the best places to discover a city’s culture, so make sure that you visit any of the aforementioned markets on your next trip abroad.


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