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Published on: April 30, 2014

In many bars around the city, wines and other kind of drinks are always present. Bars provide drinks for people who want to relax and want to socialize. However, the primary goal wine is to get a toast for a better friendship or relationship.

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Drinking is only an ordinary happening in a person’s life. However, if it is valued deeply, you will get the essence of it. You will feel how important it was and how unforgettable the days and the experiences that pass by. For a great celebration, have Praelum Wine Bistro to aid you to take pleasure in your toast.


The Big Toast

If you are having difficulties in deciding on where you will be going to select a wine to enjoy, not anymore because Praelum will give you the most lovely and delectable wine of your choice. But before that, let us know first what this wine expert is.

In Latin term, Praelum is known as “wine press” in Latin. It was directed by Gerald Lu a multi-awarded Sommelier and has an exceptional skill in this business. And what’s good about Praelum? Everything seems to be perfect – the equipment used, the bottle, the taste of the wine and its cork. In the place, you can choose anything you like as long as you can pay it. On the other hand, if you want to have partner with the wines, you can include the French Indo-chinese food in your table. These recipes are particularly made to go well with wines.  For a nice night, let Praelum give it to you.

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