Looking for a Wine?

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Published on: July 21, 2013

Looking for a wine is more than reading books, articles, and notes to get an idea of the subject. Although reading could be a good start, you still have to pop a cork and taste the wine yourself to have a better understanding of its components and complexities. So, take note of these 3 basic observations and activities as you go on with your wine tasting session.


Observe the wine’s colour by holding it in front of a white background. Why the wine’s colour is important? Because it tells how old the wine is. For white wines, they change colour as they age. For red wines, they lose brilliance or colour.

But there are also several more factors why wines have less or more colour.

  1. Different varieties of grapes shows different colour
  2. Unfiltered red wines may show colour changes
  3. White wines exhibit darker colours because they age in wood, typically oak wood.
  4. It’s older


The smell is the most important factor in wine tasting. Experience the aroma of wines by swirling it to allow oxygen to mix with the wine and give you a better smell of it. Smell the wine three times as you continue swirling it. How does it smell? What kind of nose does the wine have? The term “nose” is used by wine tasters to describe the unique aroma of wines.


Many people think that tasting a wine is just a matter of sip and gulp, which is definitely wrong. Tasting is allowing every part of your tongue and mouth to experience the wine. Remember that your taste buds are all over you mouth and allowing the wine to pass through these buds will help you tell the uniqueness of every wine’s flavour.

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