Making the Most of Your Vacation

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Published on: October 10, 2015

Tips to savour your vacation, disconnect from work, and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones 


With the holidays fast approaching, the thought of vacation and family get-togethers may have crossed your mind. You may have started planning for your holiday destination, your budget, and activities to do. To make sure your months of planning won’t go to waste, here are some tips for having the best holiday getaway.


  1. Make an Exit Plan

Yes, it’s possible to take a time off from work without worrying about the mess you will return to after your absence. The secret is to ask your boss to help set priorities for your work and your co-workers to manage some of your workload while you’re on leave. When you return though, at least have something for those people who helped you with your workload to return the favour.

  1. Log On Less Often

A total ‘digital detox’ (e.g. email-free, phone-free, computer-free) isn’t practical for most people. If you find that online check-ins make it harder to separate yourself from work when on vacation but can’t do without checking your emails and making phone calls, consider setting a limit for yourself. Designate an hour each day to do job-related tech usage, and make sure to stick to this schedule throughout your vacation.

  1. Break Tradition

Visiting Grandma for Christmas Eve, seeing the in-laws on Thanksgiving, and other traditions make holidays feel special. However, adding a new activity into the mix can make you and your partner or your family feel much closer than sticking to the same old habits. So, go ahead and book that Disneyland trip your kids always wished for or that scuba diving trip you and your guy have been dreaming about.


  1. Have Enough Rest When You Return Home

Make sure to have an extra day off when you return home—you don’t want the vacation hangover or the separation anxiety to kick in while you’re in the hurry to cope up with things and workloads you missed. Having enough rest after an eventful vacation prepares your mind and body for work and gradually snaps you off from vacation mode to work mode once again.

Making the most of your vacation is just about planning well—planning for before, during, and after the trip. So, pack up your worries, leave the workday baggage, and keep these tips in mind for a vacation getaway worth remembering.


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