More than a Husband Material

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Published on: January 5, 2014

Marriage is designed with full of exquisiteness and only real love can make it last. It is disappointing that some of the ladies are rushing things when it comes to marrying a man. When they fall in love with a man, they just want to spend their whole life with them right away.

This makes these ladies turn a blind eye on their man’s undeserving qualities. They should think of marriage as something that is beyond the romance and passion of love, it is the real quest for the true definition of what it feels to love and be loved.



And marriage to work needs a woman to be the best of her role as a wife and a man as her husband. This is more than just the so called “Husband Material”. This is more on the call for all guys out there to be what a man should be doing in his own family.

1. He should be an excellent provider

A real husband should be the one who is the primary provider of the family. He should be working for his wife and children. They are his priority. A man who knows his responsibility for his family is someone to be admired of. A true man is designed to handle all the families financial needs. He has to work hard for the future of their children.

2. He should be a wisdom teacher

A real husband should be the one who guides his wife and children about the do’s and don’ts of life. He should have the wisdom to teach his family. He serves as someone who makes the wife and the children feel that they are in the right path of life, whatever the situation is.


3. He should be a mighty protector

A real husband should be the one who makes his wife and children feel secured continually. In times of difficulties and troubles, he’s going to be the one who will make sure that the family is okay and never ever will they feel that they are abandoned.

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