New Neonatal Hospital in Singapore

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Published on: July 22, 2013

Good news for mothers out there- there is a new neonatal hospital and it is fully operational. The neonatal hospital is considered as the largest neonatal ICU (Intensive Care Unit) in Southeast Asia. The hospital is nestled within KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The neonatal hospital can accommodate up to thirty two babies plus it is equipped with advance medical technology to increase the chances of the survival of babies.


Now, babies that suffer high risk conditions can have a chance in life. Caring for the baby will start when you are pregnant. Mothers should be healthy so their babies will be healthy when they arrive. You can do the following things:

Consult your doctor

It is important that you always consult your doctor in the duration of your pregnancy. Doctors are very effective monitoring your progress and the baby’s progress. When you have an appointment, you should do your best to attend.

Follow doctor’s advice

You should follow doctor’s advice. They will give you supplements and vitamins so you can stay healthy. They will also tell you the best foods to eat and what exercises to do. It is imperative that you follow their advice or recommendations because it can greatly impact in the formation of your baby.


When you are waiting for the coming of your baby, you should take it slowly and calmly. Don’t panic especially if you are nearing your due date.

If you are nearing your due date, you should carefully monitor your condition because it can be crucial for the baby. Seeing babies with tubes, medical equipments and needles is an unpleasant sight. As a mother, we should do our best to keep our baby healthy until he/she grows up.

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