New Planets Known to be Habitable

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Published on: May 19, 2014

A number of 715 planets had been newly discovered by scientists that made it to a total of approximately 1,700 worlds in the solar system. There are four kinds of planets which are to be believed consists possibility for life since they are just near to their mother stars, the size of which are 2.5 times bigger than the earth.


Kepler Telescope

These new planets were found by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The Kepler telescope was used as an instrument to discover these new universes as it was launched on the year 2009. Four fruitful years were made by the scientists just to determine 160,000 planets which could be a potential place for living. According to NASA, there are around 246 to 961 kinds of planets that were discovered using the Kepler telescope.


More Sightings

In line with this, there are also other telescopes used upon sighting which gives a total of almost 1,700. Douglas Hudgins, an astronomer and head of NASA’s Headquarters in Washington said that the number of planets had just been doubled which are now could be known by humankind. The research proved that there are planets the same size or maybe much bigger than earth that exists in the galaxy.

Constant Discoveries

Astronomer Sara Seager of the Massachussets Institute of Technology stated that, “Wherever Kepler can see the planets; it finds them… this give us confidence that there are planets like earth on the other side of the universe.” Scientists and the NASA are aiming to make new telescope which could discover habitable planets where its surface could be promising for water.



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