Planning a Bbq Party

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Published on: July 23, 2013

A bbq cookout party is popular in Singapore for events like birthday parties, wedding receptions, reunions, and summer parties. Regardless of the reason why you have decided to throw a bbq party, the memories created by such event are sure to be remembered by your guests for many years to come, just as long as you plan it well. So, to make ordinary parties unforgettable, here’s a step-by-step guide of in planning an outdoor satay party.


    1. Decide the kind of party to throw. Are you aiming for an intimate cookout affair just with the family or an upscale gala night for your bosses and colleagues to enjoy? In planning an event, take into consideration the theme and mood of the day (or night) and formulate your menu and party decorations accordingly.
    2. Draft your guest list. It’s not only the decorations that you’re going to match with the event’s theme, but your guests as well. For instance, if you’re throwing a couple’s event by purchasing Springocean bbq singapore food it would be inappropriate to invite a newly-divorced friend to the party. Moreover, try as much as possible to make calls or distribute invitations at least three weeks in advance for proper RSVP time. Provide an area in your invitation where your guests can indicate food allergies to ensure proper choices of food for all your guests. Depending on the venue, you might also want to include attire suggestions, such as swimsuits for poolside bbq party, sneakers for rocky lake side get-together, or sweaters for late evening outdoor affair.
    3. Prepare the bbq menu. Though guests’ food allergies and preferences are all important considerations, budgeting as well is one of the key factors in creating your party menu. Aside from your spring ocean bbq catering options, consider your cooking abilities in the equation as well. If your cooking skill is like that of a novice, it would be wise to leave the cooking to professional bbq catering providers. But if you think you have excellent cooking skills, it would be cheaper not to hire a bbq catering service and do the labor yourself instead. Plan every dish to make, compare bbq wholesale prices from different Singapore bbq wholesale shops like springocean bbq food and do the cooking your own way.


    1. Check the supplies you already have. Walk through your kitchen and check what utensils you already have. Check every drawer and cabinet for place settings and proper serving utensils that you will need. Also, check if you have enough decorations to beautify the venue. Be creative and resourceful! Consider household knickknacks that can be reused in creating elaborate décor. Lastly, make sure you have enough chairs and tables for all your invited guests. It will also help to add a few more extra seats, just in case somebody brings along with them an unexpected friend.
    2. List down things to buy. Now that you’ve checked what supplies you readily have at home, it’s time to shop for those that you don’t have. Include decor essentials, lighting (string lights or candles), plastic containers, trash bags, cleaning supplies, serving stations, table accessories, and bbq food ingredients on your list. For bbq food ingredients, purchase them in bbq wholesale stores to get great discounts.


  1. Create a preparation check list. Analyze the things you have to do on the day of the event in Singapore and right them down in proper order.  This will help you reduce pre-party stress and keep track of the things you have to do from the beginning of the day down to the last minute of the party.
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