Responding to Haze Crisis

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Published on: July 25, 2013

Singaporeans learned something after the PSI skyrocketed last June. The People’s Association together with the NTUC FairPrice Foundation initiated a response system that seeks to improve the government’s means when responding to a crisis particularly if it is about haze. The system is called WeCare PAck.


FairPrice Foundation granted S$1m while the CDCs (Community Development Councils) gave S$200,000 each. This project seeks to increase the people’s chances of survival during a haze conditions. The PAck or kit stores:


The PAck consists of instant foods. Though it is not advisable, we cannot choose what to eat when a crisis starts. It is better than not eating at all. There are also other food included like canned foods, water and biscuits.

Medical kit

When there is crisis, medical kit should be provided. The PAck includes medical kit just in case you hurt yourself in the process.

N95 mask

N95 masks are important especially during haze. The mask effectively filters pollutants giving you clean air to breath. But there are many controversies surrounding the distribution of N95 masks. Many Singaporeans were angered because of the improper distribution of the government of N95 masks.  WeCare PAck will serve as your response system.

You should make it a habit to check the PSI level before you leave your house. When it is high and the advisory says to limit outdoor activities for children, pregnant women and elders, you should follow without any doubt. If you really need to get out despite the imminent danger, you should always wear your N95 mask. You can find a N95 mask in your survival kit.

To prevent haze, we should lessen or reduce the use of energy. We cannot force many people to just do that. We should do our best to contribute to the environment.

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