Singapore: Home of the Most Efficient Hospitals

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Published on: August 20, 2014

Singapore is a financially stable town that houses different establishments like hospitals, restaurants, bars, clubs, resorts and other buildings that are famous. Aside from the popularity of these establishments, the one the shines among the rest of the buildings are the hospitals in Singapore.


Do you know Raffles Hospital? If not, it is the most popular hospital in the globe. Why?  Because it has just successfully separated Siamese twins without difficulties found in twins after the surgery. However, this is not what only makes the country popular for their hospitals. Singapore is also famous for having the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment along with good health care services that anyone will truly praise.

Also, Singapore ranks number 6 in the world for the most efficient hospitals they have. Aside the from their well-known and world class hospitals, Singapore meets the highest expectation of every patient once they arrive in the different hospitals of Singapore.

Changi General Hospital – If you think that you are unlucky because all hospitals are crowded. Well, here, the space is very huge as it can house nearly 800 patients in one single time.


National Cancer Center – As the name states, it has something to do with cancer and it caters mostly cancer patients. It has different facilities for cancer treatment and strengthens their research to help patients be mindful about what cancer is.

Singapore National Eye Center – This Health Care Center was founded in 1990 and nearly 50 units of eye consultation and 9 operation devices. Also, they boast here their development and research facilities.

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