Singapore’s High-Quality Electronic Products

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Published on: August 23, 2014

Today, as the world advances, many people are using electronic gadgets such as tablets, cell phones, smart phones, computer and laptops. Every year, these gadgets are evolving and every year a lot of customers buy these gadgets.


While Singapore is economically abundant – as millions of dollars are pouring every year for only importing and exporting electronic gadgets – many people continue to patronize these gadgets for personal use or for industrial consumption.

Actually, electronics is the mainly the frequent industrialized activities in the country. In fact it supplies 30% of the country’s manufacturing production. And because Singapore provides tax-free shopping for foreign visitors, the government makes every effort to encourage people to shop electronic gadgets.

The top electronic brands in the country are:


  • Sharp – This Company produces top class audio visual equipment such as LCD TV, DVD, LED TV, Data projectors and Home theatres and Home theatres.
  • Apple Singapore – As famous as it is, Apple is a brand of Apple Macbooks, iPods and iPhones.
  • Samsung Asia Pte Ltd. – Are you familiar with Samsung Galaxy? Indeed! This brand makes difference to other top quality brands smart phones as well as tablets. Also, televisions and other home appliances are few of the caliber products of Samsung.
  • Philips Singapore Pte Ltd – Famous for its lighting brand. Phillips now challenges itself to compete with other cell phone brands.  Phillips also produce electrical equipment like ECG and X-ray equipment and CT scan devices.
  • Sony – Known for its photography and audio products, Sony also produces top caliber medical equipment as well as some biotechnical machines.

Because of the popularity of the brands, many people still patronize the name and not the gadget. Although there are times that people tend to choose between the features of the gadget rather than the name.


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