Solutions for Short and Long Breaks

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Published on: June 24, 2015

Sometimes we need a break from everything – no matter how short or long it may be. We can just sit idly in the house and watch time as it goes by or we can consider vacations. Vacations need not to be that expensive or that far but if we want a total satisfaction, we might shed some dollars but it will be all worth it at the end of the day.


If we are going to spend our annual leave, the least that we can do is to spend it wisely and interestingly. No matter how much time we can spare, we can make our dream destination a reality. It is time to ignite the wanderlust in us. So, here are holiday solutions for short and long breaks:

  • Two weeks or more: If we can spare a luxurious trip outside Singapore, we have to consider the Trans-Siberian Railway. This journey will take us from Russia to China. In this trip, we will see remote locations and marvel over the Western Siberia. We can also see the Lake Baikal. The trip lasts for not less than 17 days and prices start from $18,000.
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  • Eleven days: For eleven days, imagine touring in Canada and take in the beauty of Canadian Rocky Mountains. We can also consider the canyon walls and waterfalls. If we want to witness Calgary Stampede, July is the best time to visit it. The trip lasts for not less than 11 days and prices start from $2,188.
  • Six days: South Korea is the perfect place to spend our six days of vacation. If we are bringing along our kids, this is the perfect place. Our kids will surely marvel over Korea’s rich history as well as its attractions. The trip lasts for not less than 6 days and prices start from $1,888.
  • Three days: If we want a fuss-free travel near Singapore ,why not consider the grand ocean liner? It may sound cheesy to others but this is the perfect place to spend our three days of vacation. The trip lasts for not less than 3 days and prices start from $294.
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