The Art of Picture-Taking at Weddings

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Published on: December 10, 2013

If you are interested in taking pictures, you should learn its various techniques. And a good way to practice is to do so during weddings of your close friends and loved ones. Taking pictures is more than the camera because it needs talent and of course enthusiasm to take good shots. Starting on small projects is not a bad idea. Do not worry because you will eventually get better. You should know the types of photography production. The production includes:



Amateur photographers usually pursue or practice photography just for fun or as a hobby. Most amateurs at wedding photography don’t ask for money or financial reward because the simple act of taking photos is reward enough for them. Sometimes the work of talented amateurs can be lined up along with the works of professionals.


Commercial photographers use their images or photographs for profit. Commercial photography covers the field of advertising, editorial, fashion, portrait, wildlife, wedding photography, food and many more. Here in Singapore, wedding photography can be a promising and lucrative profession. Many companies, magazines, advertising agencies and newspapers use photography to entice their customers or readers.


Today, for photographers, photography is an art. Though there are many contentions about including it in the field, photographers fought that it is still a work of the creative mind and it seeks to give a message therefore it should be an art. There is no doubt that many people are fond of photography, as evidenced by the many exhibits and galleries in the country. If you are very interested in some works, you can choose to buy it.


Forensics is the application of methods and techniques to solve a crime. Crime fighting is effective with the help of camera or photography in general. Cameras are used to record or document phenomena. With its coming, things got better in relation to criminal law. This is a proof that cameras or photography in general created a huge impact in human development.

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All things mentioned above are good things, but you should be careful where you point your camera. Camera can be both good and bad in the society. Its goodness is seen in forensics and police work (surveillance). Its badness is seen if it is used in intruding other people’s private lives.

Regardless of how you see photography, there is still one common thing – the portraying of an emotion. The effectiveness of that portrayal, especially on weddings if you love perfect wedding photography in Singapore you will realize that a good photo depends on the combination of many things, such as light sensitivity, aperture, shutter speed, focus and many more. You should know the basics of camera handling so you can get sharp and clear images.

Looking for the perfect camera to train your wedding photography skills is not that hard, especially here in Singapore where everything is new and up to date. If you pursue photography as a hobby, you do not need to purchase expensive camera and its accessories. You should wait for the Great Singapore Sale and you will surely find something worth your money and effort.

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