Things to Remember Before Posting

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Published on: July 10, 2013

We thank that internet came into our lives. What would our life be without it? The concept of internet is purely made out of good intentions but sometimes, online applications are used by users to inflict pain and hurt other people. For example, there are online applications that allow you to freely post something but at the end of the day, many people are hurt because of what you said.

The internet can now build or break someone or something. Here in Singapore, Instagram is famous. Many Singaporeans post something every day. In this light, it is imperative that you remember things before posting it. Here are some things that you can consider:


1. Think many times before you click. Before you hit that “Post” button, you should think many times because once you post it, there is no backing out.

2. Never attack a person, organization, race, nation or tradition. The golden rule is never attack a person, organization, race, nation or tradition because you will really end up apologizing and being hated by many people. Do not criticize something especially if you do not have knowledge about it.

3. Go for general topics. If you want to be safe, you can go for general topics like foods, movies, your hobbies, etc. Do not indulge to serious issues if you haven’t conducted your studies.

4. If you have nothing to say, just do not say anything. More importantly, if you have nothing to say, do not say anything. If you say anything for the sake of saying something without thinking, that’s a bad approach.

Internet and all its applications should be used to advance us. Each people should know when to stop or what not to talk about especially if it can affect many people.

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