Tips for Travelling with Your Partner

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Published on: June 28, 2015

Travelling with our friends is one thing and travelling with our partners is another. The kind of fun and happiness we feel when we are with our partners and friends are quite different. Travelling with our partners can make or break our relationship.


It is therefore important that we can survive it. So, here are some tricks in surviving our trip with our partners:

  1. Delegate tasks fairly. We know each other’s strengths so why not put it in good use? We have to delegate the tasks based on the strengths of each other. For the pre-trip planning, partners should have a hand over things.


  1. Talk about things ahead of time. Most often, the woman plans everything from the place to sites and accommodation but that is not appealing. The man should also think of things that he wants. In short, we have to discuss things and mutually agree on something.

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  1. Don’t skip meals. This is obvious but when we are in a foreign country, we sometimes neglect eating. Eating is important because it can avoid grumpiness which will lead to fights.


  1. Be the time keeper. Time is of great essence when we travel. We might miss the plane or the shuttle if we are not aware of the time. If we know that our partner is the type of person that needs an hour to prepare, we have to be prepared.


  1. Let things go. Fighting is imminent when we are travelling. Before things start, we have to make peace and let small things go. We do not want to spend our holiday outside Singapore quarrelling or annoyed.

These things can help us survive our trip. Whether we are in Singapore or outside, the joy will be the same when we are with our partners.


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