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Published on: April 16, 2015

The world is waiting. It is time to go out of Singapore and see the world. If we are the type that quenches our adventurous spirit through traveling, we have to make our bucketlist for 2015 right away. Writing the bucketlist is easy as writing our name but making it happen is another thing. If we are serious about our bucketlist, it is time that we take action.


The first thing that we should do is determine where we want to go. For people who are working on a budget, the good news is that there are many places here in Asia worth traveling. However, if we want to broaden our horizons, Africa is a good place to start. How about these places for our bucketlist this 2015?

  • Oman: If we are curious about the Arabian peninsula, Oman is the perfect place to be. Other people think that Oman is not safe. We should not let this stop us from discovering Oman. Oman is a safe place offering solace through its breath taking sites of the mountains, coastline and dunes – this is the authentic and ultimate Arab experience.
  • Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka has a potential with plenty of sights to offer. Sri Lanka is small but tourists can experience the best things the place has to offer in just one day. The country offers culinary haven with adventure beaches. The place also boasts of an abundant wildlife with elephants and leopards.
  • Iran: Not all people consider Iran but if we are fond of history, Iran should not be missed. Iran has a rich history from the poet Rumi o the Persians, Assyrians and the home of the great king Darius. We will be fascinated with its exquisite mosques and palaces.


  • Madagascar: Madagascar is far but it holds enhancement with its untouched rainforest and animal species. There are about a thousand animal species there. It does not end there because there are many geologic formations found in their National Park.
  • Uzbekistan: Uzbekistan is one of the countries along the Silk Route. Uzbekistan preserved its charm because it is not plagued by civil wars and strife. In fact, other tourists consider this country “undiscovered” because it is often ignored. The country offers breath taking sights like their bazaars and architecture.

Now that we already identified our bucketlist, we have to take action. Taking action includes booking our airfare, hotel accommodations and experiencing what it really feels like being there. It is not too late. We can start by considering the nearest places here in Singapore or we can consider the farthest. Everything will depend on us.


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