Universe Had No Beginning  

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Published on: May 13, 2015

There is a new theory circulating space science recently. According to a theoretical physicist from the University of Lethbridge in Canada, the universe may have had no beginning. With this, the Big Bang theory is in question. Saurya Das’ theory suggests that the universe’s age is infinite.


When we were young, we were told that God made the world. In the perspective of science, Big Bang made the universe into what it is now. According to the Big Bang theory, the universe was created thirteen billion years ago. Matters were crushed earlier (which is called Singularity). The matters were tiny and they formed into a fireball which later shattered and gave rise to the universe.


In physics, there are two dominant theories by they cannot be reconciled – Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity (where Singularity is driven) and Quantum Mechanics. The researchers found a way to somehow resolve the issue through Bohmian Mechanics. According to Bohmian Mechanics, there is a hidden variable governing the inexplicable behaviour of the subatomic particles. Using this, the researcher found out a tiny correction term which can be incorporated in the Theory of General Relativity.

The researchers found out that there is no singularity which means that the universe may have had no beginning and it is infinitely old. There is also a way to test the theory according to Das. If we want to know more about the theory, we have to look for the Journal Physical Letters B published last February 4, 2015. There is also another paper coming out which is under review; the paper about the new theory will be published in arXiv.


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