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Published on: July 10, 2013

A beautiful wedding cannot just happen; rather it is made to happen. There is a lot of thought process that goes in putting the different threads of your marriage imaginations together. These threads have to be brought to life on the day of your event, which, in turn, demands a lot of coordination effort. Now, if you believe, time is money and that prior experience can bring maximum value to your money, then, the idea of hiring a wedding planning expert makes perfect sense. Expert wedding planners like bridal romance are available across Singapore and hiring a good one can save a significant amount of your time, stress and wisdom, which you can divert in deciding how to put across your imaginations to the expert. This kind of a service of course, comes with a price, but it can turn out to be an overall profitable investment, as it saves you from all hassles of organizing yourself the grand event and at the same time, ensuring that all specifications of your wedding details are appropriately addressed.


Finding Experts
The recent past has witnessed exponential growth in the “work from home” business in Singapore. This in turn, has led to an increase in the number of companies providing fast track “certification” programs for planners and coordinator who do event management of such functions. All it takes is a few hundred dollars to become a “certified” even manager or planner. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such “certified” planners / event managers / coordinators who are readily accessible. However, there certification should never be taken as ‘experience’, because being certified cannot mean that they are experienced as well. Other than wedding planning experts, it is useful to refer to wedding websites like bridal romance singapore but in order to land with the right person one needs to be careful on a few things. There is a lot of chance that many of the vital details of prior experience are made to be overlooked or are messed up for you to believe on someone who probably has never experienced planning a wedding. Therefore, inquiring about the prior experience of the manager and the number of wedding events managed / coordinated becomes all the more essential.

Besides, the expert-to-be-hired is expected to invariably provide a list of references. The client list provided as a reference has to be recent and the given addresses / phone numbers must be cross-checked for correctness. If the ‘expert-to-be-hired’ seems reluctant to provide this information, then he / she is not the person you want, for sure. Don’t waste your time anymore and move on to the next candidate.


Offered Services
The wedding planning experts in Singapore offer a range of services. You can chose the level of services depending upon the level of support that you think you would require and also depending upon your budget. There are services available in Singapore ranging from “do it yourself easily” to “end to end” management of the wedding event. In the “do it yourself easily” mode, the bridal romance wedding planning expert take a more or less passive role and provides advice on points that you are not adept at and facilitate in doing it yourself easily. In the “end to end” mode, the expert assumes a much more active participation and utilizes his / her expertise to coordinate for the complete event. The expert plans your wedding as per your vision, coordinates the implementation and handles even works to keep your expenses within budget. Activities like selecting wedding component suppliers, designing & posting wedding invitations to site supervision are carried out by the bridal romance wedding planning experts, depending upon your budget and level of your involvement that you want in organizing your marriage.

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