Where to Spend Your Weekend

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Published on: July 25, 2013

The week is almost over. What are your plans? If you are thinking about working extra hours, you should seriously re-think about it. You deserve a break. Pausing for a while to have a good time will not hurt you or your job. In fact, it will do you good. Sometimes you need a change of setting to gather your thoughts and collect inspiration.

If you have no money to spare for any luxurious things or activities, you can simply stay inside the house and enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing. Being with the family, sleeping, reading or cooking might be simple but it can make a difference at the end of the day. If you want a thrilling weekend, you have three things to consider:



You know that Orchard Road is the shopping belt of Singapore. Starting here is a good choice. You will see many malls and shopping centres both featuring local and international designs and brands. There’s Zara, Top Shop, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Banana Republic and many more.


If you want to eat, you have many choices. If your taste buds seek Indian cuisines, you should go straight to Little India. There are Chinese and Malay cuisines for you to try too. One weekend will never be enough when you talk about discovering food.



Singapore boasts of night life. If you are up to partying, you should call your friends to join you. You can go to Marina Bay, Orchard Road, Club Street, Robertson Quay, Holland Village and Sentosa. If you want to go to Sentosa, you can hop from one place to another. There are endless clubs that you can join.

Now that is not so hard, right? Shopping, eating and partying are thrilling and exciting if you give it a chance. Explore and experience the goodness of the world. Your weekends will never be that boring. You will see.

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