Why Foot Reflexology Is Helpful For Babies?

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Published on: June 21, 2013

Foot reflexology has been used by many for years and is proven to be effective and safe. This procedure is very common for adults to help release stress and promote good health, same thing with babies. By applying gentle massages to their foot, blockages and discomforts are released to bring back the energy of the baby’s whole being.

Soothing Bellyaches

If you’re baby cries a lot even after changing and feeding, he might be experiencing bellyache. Help ease his pain by doing gentle foot massage strokes on the base of his foot. This area is where the digestive and intestinal reflex points are located and will help eliminate body wastes if stimulated well.


Teething moments for babies are one of the most stressful and painful times. Fever, diarrhea, and sore gums are just some of the side effects they may experience because of too much stress and anxiety. Comfort your baby by gently massaging his whole foot to help maintain normal body temperature.

Traumatic Birth

Babies that are born in traumatic labour procedures like breeched positioned babies, born by forceps or long intense delivery can cause unexplained disturbances inside the baby’s system. Relieve your baby from the stress and trauma by applying gentle massages to specific points of the feet. Focus on the areas of the feet where the neck, spine and head reflex points are located.


By giving your baby foot reflexology, you’re creating a bond between the two of you. A simple foot massage routine gives the both of you exclusive time together and gets you in tune in terms of handling your baby well. As the massage becomes a habit, your baby will start to recognize the routine and will be excited to feel the good results afterwards.

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